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Default Hungarian PM compares the EU to commie Soviet tyranny

Hungary is going to get it from the EU…

Hungary prime minister hits out at EU interference in national day speech
“Viktor Orbán on collision course with Brussels as his government attempts to revive aid talks to keep Hungary afloat

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, centre, delivers a speech in front of the parliament building in Budapest. Photograph: Bernadett Szabo/Reuters
Hungary's strongman prime minister, Viktor Orbán, delivered a stinging broadside against Brussels on Thursday, likening EU bureaucracy to Soviet tyranny and casting himself in the mould of Hungarian heroes fighting to free the country from foreign domination since the 19th century.

Locked in dispute with Brussels for more than a year over media freedoms, economic policy, the central bank, and the judiciary, Orbán put himself on a collision course with the EU just as his government is attempting to secure credits of €20bn (Ł17bn) to keep Hungary afloat.”