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Default The Genocide of the Old Scythian writing, ordered by the Popes

Old_Hungarian_script Old_Hungarian_script
The Old Hungarian script (in Hungarian known as rovásírás, or székely rovásírás,[1] székely-magyar rovás; for short also simply rovás “notch, score”[2]) is an alphabetic writing system used by the Magyars in the Early Middle Ages (7th to 10th centuries). Because it is reminiscent of the runic alphabet, the Old Hungarian script has also popularly been called “Hungarian runes” or “Hungarian runic script”. The script is adapted to the phonology of the Hungarian language, featuring letters for phonemes such as cs, gy, ly, ny, ö, sz, ty, ü, zs.. The modern Hungarian alphabet represents these sounds with digraphs (letter sequences used to write a single sound) and diacritics. The Hungarian Runes are related to the Old Turkic script, itself probably (though debatedly) deriving from Aramaic script.[3] This is supported by the Hungarian tribes’ early geographical proximity to the Göktürks. Moreover, all the letters but one for sounds which were shared by Turkic and Ancient Hungarian can be related to their Old Turkic counterparts.

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