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Default Donald E. Pauly still obsessed-with or is being paid to convince everyone Ed Steele is crazy...

In the absence of moderation toward respect for at least Ed Steele, its time to quit pointing out what the readership here ought to get it by now, whether Mr. Steele's judgment was compromised by his health or not. My parting wish for Donald Pauly is that he experiences the kind of simultaneous physical and emotional stress Mr. Steele has had to deal-with so that he MIGHT develop some empathy. However, as some have suggested privately, Mr. Pauly apparently has his own set of problems the least of which being learning disability.

My impression is that Mr. Pauly can't possibly be has stupid as many of his posts indicate and that he is either projecting his own obsessive-compulsive disorder or is simply hammering his thread-appropriating propaganda campaign because something Mr. Steele was trying to teach offends him: Surely he can't think he's either helping Mr. Steele or WN. He's probably not a paid sock puppet but time may tell.

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Our resident Unterwhigger -JC will duplicate this video of Steele's latest propaganda puff peace. The Video is from 2002 which is seven years before he went crazy from aorta surgery. Note also the bogus aspect of the hate phone calls. The female caller accuses the Steele children and his wife of being Jews and Negro lovers. In this speech in Atlanta, Steele shows the sharp mind that he once had, although his persecution complex does come out. These hate calls from ten years ago are irrelevant to the current case.

Of course, Cyndi has her hand out again. You should not give them a cent more until they publish a complete audit of where the $120,000 of his supporter's money went which was squandered on a now disbarred lawyer. The latter has pleaded guilty to mail fraud and faces 45 years in Federal prison.
Witness to the Persecution - The Plot to Silence Edgar Steele - Part 2 of 4 - YouTube

Witness to the Persecution - The Plot to Silence Edgar Steele - Part 2 of 4

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