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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Just as Hitler said the masses are feminine, you can deduce:

most men are women.

Just as most men are women, most white men are niggers: they are wholly taken in by labels. Labels is another way of saying, the outward form or expression or appearance of things. It is the minority of whites who can see beneath the surface which gives our race its fame, but that doesn't change the fact that the majority CANNOT see beneath the surface, and so in a very real way, is intellectually akin to the West African negro toting a briefcase because he believes that makes him a businessman.

This tendency to fall for externals is what is implied in this Hoppe statement:

Because consumers would no longer be duped into believing that there is such a thing as a "national standard" of health care, they will increase their search costs and make more discriminating health care choices.

Whites are nearly as susceptible to being tricked by the labels called words as blacks.

When you combine this shallowness with earnestness and gullibility of the Germanic stock of our country, you see why political debate is nothing but shuffled stupidities. People who actually know what they're talking about don't go into politics. People who do go into politics have a millions ideas to improve your life, but all they ever amount to is taking your money. "Some of them may seem cool and different," as a woman tells her daughter about boys, "but really they're pretty much the same." So it is with politicians. They ain't gonna give you health care, they're going to tax you. They aren't going to give you education, they're going to tax you. They aren't going to give you freedom, they're going to kill you and tax you.