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Originally Posted by Nick Apleece View Post
Typical libertarian drivel. The bit about "competing drug and device manufacturers and sellers, to safeguard against product liability suits as much as to attract customers, would provide increasingly better product descriptions and guarantees" is especially laughable. No, they'd market more poison in the hope of a fast buck, then lawyer up and use their wealth to avoid the consequences of their deeds, if discovered.
Your reply is a perfect example of the fact that belief in the efficacy of government/regulation is every bit as religious and unfounded as the belief in Jesus. There needs to be a word for people who don't believe in government, the same was there was invented a word for those who don't believe in thing called 'god.' Anarchists is not that word.

You think business is out to poison people to make a profit, but government is out to protect people and not make a profit. You have it reversed. Your assumption has been planted in your brain since birth, through all authority and media, in precisely the same way the big lie about racial equality has. Government hurts the individual infinitely more than private corporations do. You think, without, perhaps, realizing your assumption, that regulation is a better guarantee of safe/effective products than competition. This is demonstrably false.

The only way I can see libertarianism working is in a racially homogeneous society. Until we achieve that, implementing solutions like these will just be to our detriment as a people.
Incorrect. Hoppe's solution would be better for any society. You're not counting how much it costs to establish the regulatory apparatus, how many good drugs/products it keeps off the market, how quickly it combines with the largest companies to deny new entrants. Even with huge, tax-sucking government, private watchdog groups already do a better job than the government in getting you the real truth about products - hell, about anything. And you don't have to pay a penny in taxes for their information.

This really is the future. You can see it happening right now, WN socialist idiots (if the shoe fits wear it, otherwise I'm not talking about you): government isn't good at anything...(other shoe about to drop) it should stick to what it is good at: nothing. Nothing is government's core competency.

There are two major questions facing Whites:

1) how do we defeat the genocidal jews?

2) how do we live with ourselves politically after we eradicate the jews?

As Washington said, government is force. That should be its only function. The rest truly can be arranged privately. The revamped forum will lay out and refine the model I see as the best way for Whites to live together.

You two-digit-IQ socialists need to lift your heads up and look around. Government, across the world, is failing massively. The specific form the failure takes is jewy, of course, but that doesn't change the fact that even if jews didn't exist, the functions government undertakes today, literally all of them besides armed defense under certain circumstances (most certainly and obviously not including aggressive foreign war) are better carried out under other political arrangements. The jews have bombed out our land with big lies and bureaus. The radical and correct solution is not to replace the kike heading the FDA with a WN but to dissolve the FDA. WN socialists see white men as ants. To be a real white man, to truly save and serve our race, the white man needs his head back. And getting your head back is appealing to a lot more Americans and Europeans than WN alone. The chance to be an adult again, in a civilized land. That is what our cause offers, that is its full appeal. Not being bossed around by some two-digit socialist cronies of Leaning Tower of Pizza boy.

This approach combines the best of economic and biological law. The libertarian unearth certain facts about specific markets, but for ideological reasons, or simply out of fear, they will not touch equivalent biological discoveries. If they are content to remain mice, we needn't be. If they run from the words in their own newsletters (Ron Paul), we can meet a higher standard of courage.

Ever notice it's precisely the kind of idiot who can't spell two words in a row without making a mistake who wants the government to run everything? In his case, WN stands for White Nigger. That's not just a smear - polls have shown niggers believe the government can solve/do anything it wants. The poor dark dolts don't know anything about economics or biology, so they assume, as they are taught, that "racism" is the reason government doesn't solve the black health/education/AIDS/poverty crisis. Too many WN have precisely the same mentality. Not the slightest idea about government's limits or the source of actual weath and prosperity.