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Originally Posted by Randal Goode View Post
I understand. I thought you meant to emphasize yourself. But I don't think you are managing to convey your intended meaning. You're making a good try, though. I just don't think you succeeded here. But it is indeed no small part of a writer's ambition to always convey a thought, or particular feeling, in a unique way or style. We like getting it down just so in just so few words. Then we stand back and smile at our singular creation, swollen with pride. John MacDonald said it best. We either read other writers with weary contempt or grinding envy.

I actually didn't even see the second I when I first read it. Funny how that happens; words and sentences flow such a way, sometimes. Preconception takes over often in our reading. Our eyes actually only scan over words and sentences, our minds already processing and registering the rest. And sometimes there are mistakes.
I think I succeeded. Remember, this was a tweet. 140-character limit. So the reader should be prepped for an epigram. Each letter carries more weight when the restrictions are that tight.

Like I said, the idea could be expressed 100 different ways, but I prefer my way. Most will miss it, you're probably right about that, but I'm going for the higher end with this sort of stuff.