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Originally Posted by Donnie in Ohio View Post
"The emphasis placed on words, spoken or written, are the salt of any sentence". - Vanilla Ice
True - but you're supposed to convey that by your word choices and order, not through italicization. That is, if you write it correctly, you don't need the italicization - it's naturally there. So that italics are basically only used where they are supposed to be, due to various rules requiring it.

This is not my view, I'm giving you the conventional view. Personally, I think you're an excellent writer, and it doesn't bother me if you want italicize a lot of words, but truly, just fyi, what I'm telling you is the standard view. Not that anyone is aware of it these days.

I mean, I can read what you write, and where you have used italics is where I would put the emphasis anyway - which means you're doing it right, you're writing / communicating effectively, and the italics is, for your readers like me, redundant.

Really, writing is just a form of music using words, and if you aren't tone deaf, you can pick up the feel and flow, and understand the patter and the pattern, feel it in your blood. You can tell how the writer is thinking, and where his emphasis falls. It truly is musical. Read Mencken - that's writing at its most delightful, the sound and the sense in perfect harmony.