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Hungary Far-Right Protests Against `Roma Crime` About 100-200 members of the Guard in black uniforms also attended the protest.

Members of the radical nationalist organisation Hungarian Guard attend a rally against a rise of "Roma crime" in Budapest

More than 1,000 supporters of Hungary's far-right Jobbik party protested on Friday against what they say is a rise in serious crimes committed by Roma people.
Jobbik, which defines itself as a "national Christian party" and fights against "Roma crime", hopes to make political gains following increasingly public demonstrations of antagonism against the largest minority in Hungary, the Roma.

"This problem (of crime) is swept under the carpet, this must be tackled," said Imre Torok, 39, a captain of the Hungarian Guard, a radical nationalist organisation.

About 100-200 members of the Guard in black uniforms also attended the protest. The group is backed by Jobbik.

"Unfortunately, the number of crimes committed by Roma people has increased significantly and this is a matter of public security," Torok told Reuters at the rally.

Hungary has one of the largest Roma communities in eastern Europe, making up 5 to 7 percent of the population of 10 million. For decades, they have remained on the margins, lacking jobs and proper education and their prospects deteriorated after the fall of communism when heavy industries collapsed.

A deepening recession and loss of jobs across the Hungarian economy this year worsens their chances of finding a way out from social deprivation.

Jobbik had 4 percent support among decided voters in an opinion poll by Szonda Ipsos in January and their growing support raises chances of the party winning a seat in European Parliament elections in June, analysts have said.

The murder of a Romanian handball player in Hungary last weekend in which the suspects are Roma triggered further tensions and public demonstrations against Roma.

The minority Socialist government, whose popularity has slumped since 2006 due to tax rises and failed reforms, has said more public works programmes and a strong police are needed.
Tomislav (Tom) Sunic is a Croatian author, former diplomat, and political theorist of the New Right.

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