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Not only are the Jews born liars but they are religious frauds. They make the assertion that they are holier than the angels and that they are the very most beloved by their demon-god.

With that lie as the basis, they further claim that since they are the holy Chosen Ones, that their very words are identical with the words of God. And once God says something, he doesn't change his mind and take it back.

The Jews have hounded these poor old European soldiers to their graves not just because Judaism is an unforgiving demonic cult, but because as the very voice of God, once the rabbis said that Demjanjik was a Nazi guard, then to prove to the world that their lies are really true, they have to defraud and betray Justice in a kangaroo court to produce a guilty verdict for something, for anything. Rather than expose their Holocaust Lie to any debunking whatsoever, EVERYONE whom they accuse, must be found guilty.

Innocent though Demjanjik is, by Jewish justice he is still guilty because the holy Jews said so. And God never lies, therefore no matter what lies the Jews tell, it is really the truth because the words of the Jews are the words of God.

And that's Jewish thinking in a nutshell. So, where else does Jewish thinking belong other than in a nutshell?

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