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A buddy of mine and I have been talking about getting into installing solar panels for months now. Great minds think a like, eh? I was considering a trade school after I got my vehicle paid off.

You need a Journeymen's to do electrical work on your own, which requires 4,000 hours (4 years give or take) of work under a liscenced electrician.
I've been doing some research and have found a local trade school that offers an electricians course resulting in either an associate degree or certificate. Both tracks seem to be the same with an extra course thrown in for good measure in the associate program. Since I'm already an RN my previous college courses should be sufficient for me to secure an associate without having to take any unnecessary or time consuming courses.

The program is 15 months long. Start this fall and finish Spring of 2011. Would cost about $6,000 plus books and fees. Since I have no real working knowledge of energy systems I'm seriously considering this course. The only drawback is my age. I don't have a lot of time to waste due to age but I wouldn't be doing anything out of the ordinary during this time anyway.

It appears that the course will allow me to take the journeyman's exam since the last course is actually prep for the exam itself.