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Angry Smuggling Love Letters to Tatyana

There is another Negro in the woodpile here. According the the prosecutor, the Public Defender was involved in smuggling the letters out of jail to the Ukrainian girlfriend. He should have been on the stand explaining the abuse of the privileged legal mail system by Steele. The prosecutor apparently doesn't understand the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women. This is a small part of the closing argument that I wanted to post first.

Closing argument to the jury by U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan.
What about the Russian girlfriends? Can we talk about that for a second? That's another cover. Notice how he covers that up from his family. He says, "I'm working on a case." Did we ever hear anything about a case? Did anybody give you a case name or a case number or where it was filed or anything else? A case? No, there was no case. Then it's, "Well, I'm researching for a book." Did we ever hear anything about a book or a draft? Everybody said that because that's what he led them to believe, and it was all a lie.

The young Russian gal, Tatyana Loginova, she was the one that he was writing to. And here is the letter that he had taken out of the jail under the return address of the Federal Defender's Office as legal mail to send to her. See the coverup? See the lies? Legal mail to send the love letters to Tatyana Loginova. And what did he tell Tatyana Loginova, this little Russian girl? "I'm divorced." "I'm divorced." That was a lie. He was covering up all the time.

He uses other people. He manipulates other people to do what he doesn't want done himself or to get them to do what he does want done. That's more evidence of it. "Make sure the trail doesn't lead back to me," that's what he is saying.