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Angry Copyright Infringement

Originally Posted by John Liberty View Post
Hey, the trial is over!!!! You two heeb lovers are pretty funny, first you call Ed crazy, and now me. I will wait for Ed answer about his foreign girlfriends. I think it is time to re-acquaint the forum with the reason he is in the slammer. Ed prophetically said that he would probably not be able to get out his message out for much longer back in 2005,

One of the messages that got him in trouble,

I swear that you are even crazier than Steele. This article by Steele is Nazism 101. Any beginning Nazi knows all of these things. This is merely a reader's digest of holocau$t denial which has been published a thousand places before. Why didn't 1,000 White Nationalists get arrested for publishing the same stuff?

What does this have to do with him going crazy and trying to have his wife killed by an incompetent? Are you sure that you don't think that you are posting on the Poverty Pimp's forum by mistake? Try www.splcenter.org and they might appreciate your posts. At least you will be on moderation there and won't do as much damage to White Nationalism. While you are there, you might tell them to update the Steele hate page at http://www.splcenter.org/get-informe...es-and-a-plott .