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There's no way WNs can allow such a colossal lie as the holyhoax to stand. Somehow, because jews died in WW2 at the hands of the Germans, Johnson implies the jews have a case, they've been wronged, so WNs should move on. He even uses the term, "innocent" jews. Instead of Johnson understanding the astounding wrongs jews did to the German people by betraying Germany into defeat by manipulating America into WW1, and then instigating WW2 by jew actions and subversions after their own declaration of war on Germany in 1933, he writes that it would be better if WNs refrain from Holocau$tŪ revisionism. Such a move would only result in giving jews relief, of which they deserve none. The only thing jews deserve is payback for centuries of indescribably heinous crimes against White Europeans.

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