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Mark Weber is married to a White woman of Russian origin named Eteri. Taylor is also married to a White woman, possibly with French antecedents. MacDonald is dating a White woman who is much younger than himself.

However Weber along with Irving, When Irving's book on Himmler is out, will all say that the Germans DID gas the jews, possibly as many as 3.5 Million.

Mark Weber must resign from the Institute for Historical Review

By Dr. Robert Faurisson

Mark Weber must resign from the Institute for Historical Review, remaining free to establish, if he wishes, a body for the struggle against what he calls “the Jewish-Zionist power.” He has, in effect, recently announced in a veiled way his abandonment, if not of revisionism, then at least of the revisionist fight. He therefore no longer belongs at the head of an institute whose main job is to combat what Arthur R. Butz so rightly calls The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.

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