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Well it seems like CC and TOO are moving toward Taylor.
And so is CODOH.

Here is another opinion about how the censors at CODOH are moving toward the same direction (This from a "berty48" on the "skeptics" society forum):

Many people don't realise that CODOH is a site to combat real revisionism by presenting a watered down, luke warm, Gerber style revisionism that resembles real revisionism as much as Gerbers Baby Food style pureed carrots duplicates a hard, fiberous root vegetable. Many of the leaders of CODOH are on the Zionist payroll and half the revisionist posters are sock puppets of passionate believers including those employed by USHMM...

We know that Hoaxters run CODOH because revisionists are routinely harrassed and their posts deleted. Real revisionists are fearless, honest and unafraid of ideas or arguments, so if someone is deleting posts and banning posters, one must assume that the scoundrel is either an outright Zionist stooge or a faux revisionist controlled by nefarious, secret cabalists...

And here is Carolyn Yeager's response to being banned by the CODOH censors:

It is supposed to be a forum for debate -- Open Debate on the Holocaust -- but if you show any SPIRIT in your debating -- of which I have a goodly share (it is the secret of my sticking power and success as a revisionist) -- it is seen as inappropriate and your post will be removed and you will be given a public lecture by the Moderator about your bad behavior... you're under personal attack right from the git-go, and so many posts that you carefully compose are simply deleted...