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Originally Posted by Henry. View Post
Democracy and optimism are not the solution they're the enemy.

I'm a pessimist. People who think being pessimistic means being defeatist don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

Optimism doesn't give people hope it gives them an excuse to do nothing and go to the pub, or the footie, or shopping. When people whose backs are against the wall change their attitude and begin to fight it's pessimism that causes them to fight not optimism.

I'm one of those who've been pesseistic for decades and I'm getting old and tired of waiting for the optimists to join us.....

People today don't seem to have the mojo their grandparents had.
People can't think further than the next Eastenders or football match or payday or new console game. I don't know if they're resigned, they forget or they just don't care. As long as their immediate "needs" are met, that's all they seem to be able to think about.

Even if our backs do get put up against the wall with our most basic needs in jeopardy, I seriously doubt many will come out fighting.
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