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Western globalist tyrannies have brainwashed their constituencies into "accepting" and "celebrating" their own demographic and cultural genocide for over 50 years. Because of the enormous amount of indoctrination that has taken place during this period, white genocide in Europe and America can only be stopped by forming an army of ideologically hardened, well-trained nationalist guerrilla fighters; these would wage revolutionary guerrilla warfare against the zionist-riddled globalist tyrannies of Washington, Ottawa, Westminster, Brussels and Canberra. A few tens of thousands would be sufficient, at least in the beginning. Needless to say, globalist NWO tyrants and multicultural extremists will fight to the bitter end, necessitating a protracted struggle against the intransigent forces of white genocide. The western military-industrial complex would be the first target, followed by their globalist program of endless, massive 3rd world colonization and resettlement. Neutralizing this policy would require the cold-blooded assassination of immigration officials, the blowing up of immigration centers (in reality, centers for the organization and coordination of white genocide), as well as the shooting down of aircraft filled with 3rd world colonists and invaders.

In order to stop 3rd world invasion by land and by sea, the death squads of the revolutionary nationalist forces would patrol the US-Mexico border, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Turkish-European border. It is difficult to say whether such a large-scale military enterprise conducted against the forces of globalist NWO tyranny would be successful in the long run; nevertheless, it is clear that any revolutionary nationalist armed struggle against globalism would significantly destabilize transnationalist regimes in Europe and America, drastically reducing 3rd world colonization. Any success against globalist tyranny would necessitate the establishment of war crimes tribunals and treason trials for white quislings and their zionist allies; this would be followed by the voluntary (or forced) repatriation of 3rd world immigrants and their descendants, or their physical segregation in ethnic ghettos and semi-autonomous communities (whichever is more feasible).

Although sufficient resources exist for the formation of an all-American or pan-European revolutionary nationalist guerrilla force, there appears to be no will to fight, even though most whites are not needed for the struggle against globalist tyranny. This does not bode well for the survival of the white race in the western hemisphere, especially against multiculturalist and globalist fanatics who are determined to ethnically cleanse and dispossess whites from their traditional homelands. The time to fight is now! Especially when whites are still majorities in their own countries, with access to more than enough resources to wage a protracted armed struggle against the forces of white genocide. I fear that massive and indiscriminate 3rd world immigration will go on and on until the total Asianization of Australia, third worldization of Canada, Hispanicization of the United States, and Islamification of Europe under a globalist one-world tyranny... by then, it may be too late and we'll be in for one hell of an armed struggle.