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5. Emergency Medical Techs & Paramedics

We come to an entirely differently field for the No. 5 spot, and it is in the healthcare division that emergency medical techs and paramedics fall. This healthcare occupation also falls within the medium-wage category, which is a segment that is expected to grow significantly over the upcoming years, and where workers generally make around $15.28 an hour. The number of positions available in the field is projected to increase 13% by 2017, from 238,658 jobs to 268,892. But, remember workers have to like blood.
I know some people who work EMS,
its certainly hard job and they dont get paid as much;
the full time Firefighters make more, sometimes quite well in fact,
why they get so many applicants each year.. kwaps get more as well

but EMS aside the pay, you really have to deal with some bad shit at times
and may not be worth to make it a career..?
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