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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Yep, I think he hit like 8 HR in three games, but I may be misremembering.

Oh my god, that is awful... I've actually seen something similar. Loudest fart I've ever heard. Some kind of softball function with my business colleagues when I was in trade journalism. This fattish girl swung and missed, cut the loudest fart I have EVER heard. I mean, EVER. Including full-grown adult males going for gold records. No one said a thing. My boss and I were just shaking our heads looking at each other laughing quietly. We were up a hillside from this explosion and it truly was not to be believed.
BWAHAHAHA! She must've died inside; fortunately for her, the spectators took it easy on her, since she was female.

I saw a clip of a female 'vitz reporter who shit herself - while wearing WHITE pants....

Once in high school, 2 girls got into a fight on the bus and fell into my lap. Hair pulling, screaming, the whole bit. When they dragged them off, I saw that one had left her "calling card" in the form of a 4-inch piss patch on my leg....
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