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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
[i'm just including any kind of politicization of comedy shows or late night shows in this thread, doesn't have to be about race]

The Millennial Generation’s ‘Tonight Show’
Thomas DiLorenzo
I’ve finally outgrown “The Tonight Show.” When I was a graduate student I watched zero television. None. Zero. Nothing at all. Except for Johnny Carson’s monologue and maybe a little bit of the show. It was the topic of conversation among a few classmates over lunch every single week day. I never watched it as much after Carson left, but I did think Jay Leno was really funny and the best possible replacement for Johnny. But now, finally, after all these years, I’ve finally outgrown “The Tonight Show.” Having watched a few times with the new host, Jimmy Fallon, it’s left me wondering when he and the entire band will play the Star Spangled Banner on the show by making fart noises to the tune by placing one hand under their armpits and pumping the other arm. That’s about the quality and maturity of the “humor” that I’ve observed so far, but I understand that the “millennial generation” (18-33) absolutely loves it. The majority of the “millennials” are reliable, Obama-worshipping little leftists as far as voting is concerned, as was celebrated on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” recently when Stewart interviewed an author of a book on the “millenials” (on the same night that he tried to smear Judge Napolitano).

Part of Jimmy Fallon’s job is apparently to combine his bathroom humor schtick with left-wing political correctness, Jon Stewart/Saturday Night Live style. A few nights ago Fallon ridiculed Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, for publicly criticizing NSA spying. Fallon equated Facebook with NSA spying, apparently unaware of the fact that the information on Facebook is all made available there voluntarily, whereas the information obtained by the NSA is not. The very next thing he did after defending the NSA was to poke fun at a picture of Republican senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell, like all Washington politicians, richly deserves to be mocked, ridiculed, an scorned, but one suspects that Fallon would never, ever, be permitted by his Hollywood masters to make such a comment about King Obama’s elephantine ears, or Harry Read’s squirrelly face and whining voice, or Nancy Pelosi’s cement-like, face-lifted face. (“Nancy, how can you say that with a straight face?!”, a Baltimore radio talk show host once hilariously said in the course of ridiculing her).
Yet more Cutting-Edge Envelope-Pushing "Humor" in the "Stewart"/Colbert style.

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