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Matthaus Hetzenauer

Hate to say this but, yesterday I killed a foot-and-a-half long black racer that somehow managed to find its way into my apartment (the first time ever I've had a snake of any kind in any hovel I've either owned or rented). I grabbed a dish towel and was going to wrap it around its head and toss it out the door, but once cornered it was snapping at me like a pit bull; the only thing I could do was step on it with the flip-flops I was wearing, but apparently I stepped a wee bit too hard. When I lifted my foot, though still alive, its head was crushed and bleeding and he was definitely beyond help, so I finished him off with a stomp and out the door he went.

Now if it was a water moccasin, coral snake or pygmie rattler, all three common in the rural Florida county in which I live, hell, I would've whipped out the 12-gauge Mossberg or S&W .357 and had a field day. So maybe it's good thing after all that it was a relatively small and defenseless snake...
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