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jewsign Israel to Expel all Congolese by January 2019( As Test Case to Deport All Africans)

The announcement, made in English and French (the lingua franca of the Congo) was published on the official Israeli government’s website last week, and was signed by Yossi Edelstein, whose title is listed as “managing director of the expulsion of foreigners.” (The name is only included in the French version of the statement).


If European states were not run by race-traitors, but by governments looking to the interests of their own people, as Israel is, then they too would be able to use this plan to get rid of their invaders.

* Even though the Israeli government made the announcement last week, it has been ignored and blacked out by the Jewish lobby-controlled media in the west, who would otherwise have made a fuss of it had any similar statement been issued by any white country’s government.