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Corn Cobb's not kidding boys. I drove out to Williston in May with a friend to check out the hype. Believe the hype. My friend stayed and got on as a roustabout first day in town. Starting wage: 18.50 with plenty of overtime. I came home to shore up some family matters, but I'm planning on returning sometime in August.

Housing is quite a concern. My friend got into employee housing, but like the Cobb said, if you have an old travel trailer lying around, that would do nicely. is the site. This and are good places to start. Best way to search the workforceconnection is to click on find a job/select by map/a county/and then click on either Williams, McKenzie, or Mountrail counties. Then click the blue search button without typing in any keywords and you will see literally hundreds upon hundreds of jobs.

Other cities and towns to look into would include Stanley, Tioga, and Watford City. Hotels and motels are booked-up for the forseeable future. We brought tents and camping gear. There's a CCC campground on the Little Missouri River about 15 miles south of Watford City. There's also a campground at Sather Lake which is closer to Williston, and Lewis and Clark State Park about 19 miles east of Williston. Remember, Googley Earth is your friend!

Really, I have never seen anything like I did when we rolled through Williston. It was almost as if work trucks and semis outnumbered regular passenger vehicles. Every other car/truck had out of state plates.

Good luck to all who give it a try! As the Cobb mentioned, this is your best chance in this Weimar mess we're in right now!

Alex or Varg, would you consider sticky-ing this thread as an information resource/database of sorts?
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