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Originally Posted by 88RockNRoll View Post
Hello sir,

I have a PDF version that I got from before it was shoaed after the kikes in Charlottesville ruined the internet.

I used to be a radio broadcaster and I have good microphone delivery and cadence. I'm going to try one microphone I have and if it sounds ok I'll start. If not, I'll get a better USB mic.

I have always wanted to dictate book with a racialist message so I appreciate your request. I'll post it when I get going and will have a version on Jewtube on the MAXX LULZ account.

We'll have some RAC/Skrewdriver covers up on there too soon. Right now there's just a demo we made before we got the PA. Expect more audiobooks besides Hear The Cradle Song.
Good to hear someone is doing it. It is available in physical form from cosmotheist church of Williams and strom. Check out this channel for audiobooks: