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Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes View Post
I am very skeptical about the governments charges. I find it hard to imagine that a person can advise people for decades about how to follow the law, that a person could stay out of trouble until an old man practically, no offense to the others in his age group, but suddenly and so precipitously to undertake such a bold crime? Wow, excuse me but most people do not just jump into the deep end of crime at sixty plus years of age. Bizarre and implausible.

At the same time the government will have plenty of chances to prove its case. People do flake out from time to time. People get mad at their loved ones. We are all human. At the same time it is a long way to go from mad to solicitation. Frankly I find the charges very very implausible. Also the government has had him under the microscope for his views now for a long time and these unlikely charges seems dubious from the start.

The government has to prove its charges beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a high standard. In our system you get a lot of chances to dispute things. A case has a lot of chances to go by the wayside. We shall see. A sting can look like an entrapment to a jury who may just put it to bed. Also his wife is a key witness. it might all come down to her. I sure hope nobody gets flaky like BW and bothers her. Absolutely no contact from any of Steele's admirers would be a good idea.

One thing is for sure, they have the burden of proof. Nobody should make life easy on the government by counting Steele out before he's had his day in court. I hope he gets a good lawyer in his neck of the woods and goes to the mat. At the same time remember that in federal court there is a lot of pressure to cop a plea b/c under the guidelines they shave a lot of time off. But Steele is no spring chicken and he may just be willing to stand up for himself and go the distance. I hope he gets due process and then some.
Thanks, Antiochus.