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The previous link needed to be posted in full. Here are a couple of interesting points from the affadavit:

1.Steele had known the hit man/FBI informant for 20 years.

2.He supposedly wanted to make sure that the car crash was successful because he didn't want to take care of a paraplegic.

According to KXLY-TV, Steele declined to be interviewed and his wife Cyndi declined comment. If he had been framed, I think that he would want to broadcast it to the world.

Attorney charged in murder-for-hire plot
Posted: 12:25 pm PDT June 14, 2010
Updated: 6:28 pm PDT June 14, 2010

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BOISE, Idaho -- Federal prosecutors have charged a northern Idaho attorney with hiring a hit man to try to kill his wife and mother-in-law.
Edgar J. Steele, who is well known from his work representing hate groups such as the Aryan Nations, was arrested Friday in Sagle.
The Idaho Statesman reports that court records say a witness told the FBI Steele offered to pay him up to $125,000 to murder the women in a car crash meant to look like an accident. Agents concealed a recording device on the witness, and say in court documents that the device recorded Steele saying he wanted the plan carried out and had no second thoughts.

Attorney charged in murder-for-hire plot

June 14, 2010

Federal prosecutors have charged a northern Idaho attorney with hiring a hit man to try to kill his wife and mother-in-law. KXLY4's Tania Dall reports.

Federal court documents obtained by the Statesman indicate that Steele contacted someone he had known for the last 20 years to murder his wife and mother-in-law. The witness showed up to Steele's house last week and that's when the attorney allegedly started talking about paying thousands of dollars to have his wife and mother-in-law killed.
The affidavit of probable cause in Steele’s arrest shows that he was willing to pay $500 in cash for travel expenses and promised $25,000 plus an additional $100,000 if his wife's life insurance paid out.
Steele, according to court documents, wanted his wife and mother-in-law killed in a car crash last Friday while his wife visited her mother in Oregon and wanted their deaths to look like an accident. Steele allegedly warned the hit man that he didn't want to be left taking care of a paraplegic if the accident was unsuccessful.
The author of a book entitled “Defensive Racism”, Steele describes himself as "exceedingly politically incorrect." One of his more notable cases involved his defense, in 2000, of the Aryan Nations and its leader Richard Butler in a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought about by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
The lawsuit was brought on behalf of Victoria and Jason Keenan, who were attacked by guards at the Aryan Nations compound in 1998.
The Keenans won a more than $6 Million judgment against Butler and the Aryan Nations, effectively bankrupting the organization and forcing them out of their compound near Hayden Lake.

Steele, who declined to comment on this story, is being held in the Kootenai County Jail. When contacted for comment on this report Steele’s wife Cyndi also declined to comment.
The car crash plot was the theme in an episode of "The Criminal Mind".
The series is about an FBI team. Usual multi-cultural-multi gender thing.
Who ever is at fault, somebody has been watching too much TV.