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Matt Ferguson
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Matt Ferguson

My first gut instinct, he was set up, now way he'd be that stupid as wise as he is to the governments tactics in dealing with any enemies of the Jews.

My gut instinct upon seeing his arrest photo, he did it. I don't know why I think that and I know it's a lot to infer from one moment in time but that was my feeling.

After heart issues you're ability to make good decisions goes down drastically as the first place that you're body shuts down is your frontal lobe, the least crucial part of your brain for survival but crucial in concentration and high IQ tasks. And he had extreme issues, his freakin aorta blew out.

Maybe the government approached his informant and cooked the whole scheme up while he was still not functioning at 100%. I hope that's not what happened but I could sure see the Feds preying on the guy like that.

Either way I hope he gets to see the light of day as free man some time.