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Exclamation They found a bomb

They found a bomb today under one of Steele's vehicles. He is in custody, so who put it there? Steele is being set up for a life in prison or to be eliminated.
Who else folks would do such a thing? I think we all know. Read steel's essay on Matt Hale again very close and see how this is going to be an almost replica of that case. Notice also they wait 6 months after he is near dead to hit him right in the gut. Typical antichrists work that way. They did the same to me after my Mother passed away. I was in a lot of pain and the last thing I needed was to be railroaded into a jail cell for doing nothing wrong. Face it, there is no justice in America any more. Steele told us that a long time ago. I have been looking into the dead FBI agent that was murdered right after 9/11. I think he might have been one of the honest ones and was taken out before he could implicate the system and blow the whistle. We need to change strategy, we have to or they will make up something to lock up every last person until noone remains. Think folks think.