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Default Think about this

If there was a bomb under the car then why can we beleive a person
that was working with the FBI? Do any of yuo really think Steele would murder his own family? NO! If Steele was going to kill someone, he would have picked someone he hates. The charges are a lie and I am sure they probably took his rants and used the words to put together a nice voice transcript to play for a jury made up of those Steele spoke out against.
In my case I was charged with cyber stalking. All I did was post political opinions on a local media news blog that was open to the public. I looked up cyber stalking in the law library and it cannot apply to political expressions.
My main posts were showing the public that the Jewish religion is Antichrist and is based on Talmud. Going around that the deputy used a post to a linked video by David Duke on inter racial relations..which the deputy admitted he did not even watch. When asked if it was threatening, he responded NO. The Jewish prosecutor and Black Judge refused me a reduction in bail, keeping it at 400,000 so as to keep me in jail, even as I have no criminal record or violent acts of any kind. Meanwhile even murders and gang menbers and so forth were getting bail with simple 50,000 bond and so forth. One woman accused of having kids rub cream on her vagina was given a 15,000 bail. But the Judge denied me bail on the prosecutors request because as he claimed "I am a threat to the community". Posting a link to David Duke is considered a threat to the community. Isn't this all a sham? Of course it is. The real issue with them was to shut me up on the Jew posts because I was making progress by merely giving the people documented facts. I had posted the rape numbers of the black on white women stats from the justice dept figures also. I also made them think about the holofraud issue by posting different links to read. There is noone that will represent a person like myself or any other poor soul found to be a truth teller. We need to focus on this issue, such as getting a fund to protect our ideas and free speech. The problem is in finding lawyers that will do it. It was a clear violation of my constitutional rights and a total misuse of the system of law enforcement. I think we need to stop talking and start planning a way to defend ourselves with funds and people ready to defend anyone falsly accused. Singing to the choir is not cutting it. It's time for some real leadership. I never receive replies from anyone in this movement when i try to add suggestions. It's amazing that we sit here going down lower and lower and we are still talking. We need to get together and develop a new way or strategy for freedom. I have lost all due to the sick rulers and their sick rules of destroying anyone who will not bow. We need to do something to help Ed Steele. he deserves everyone of our support in whatever way we are able.
Just my opinions. Russ