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What a waste of 80 minutes, only to hear a crazy old man accuse another crazy old man of being crazy. It is not hard to imagine that an old farmer that has lived in the countryside all his life would not appreciate an educated fast talking big city lawyer.

What are the positives that can be reasonably taken from the old mans comments and other things we know about Steele, his wife, their relationship and their carriers.
  • It was not claimed Steele was obsessed with racism or anti-semitism. If he was it seems like this would be why people think Steele is crazy. Not the 2KY thing.
  • It was not claimed that it was known that the Steele’s had marital problems. Reasonable that any problem would be well known in a small town.
  • It is very unlikely that Steele never in any way abused his wife. Any women that filed for divorce when her husband was posting personal adds on the Internet would have no problem divorcing her husband if he was verbally of physically or “emotionally” abusive.
  • Steele must have been fairly successful as a lawyer considering he had a large farm in Idaho and some form of living accommodations is Los Angeles or San Francisco Bay Area. And also his income covered his commuting costs between Idaho and Los Angeles (or SFBA).
  • Not only is Steele intelligent, he must have management and organizational skills as well. Being a long distance commuting lawyer cannot be a trivial feat to pull off.
  • Steele must be a rather competent and normal acting person. He had to please his clients and juries and judges.
  • Steele and his wife shared a dream, to live in country have a farm, and they worked together to make that dream come true.
  • Steele and his wife made a good team, doing something that very few other husbands and wives could do: maintain a 25 year marriage, have a successful law practice, run a successful horse farm, deal with a one having a long distance commuting career.
  • The long commute and remote working may have been beneficial to the marriage and preferred by Steele’s wife. She seems like independent woman and it is not hard to imagine living with Steele 24/7/4/12/25 could be more then most people would prefer.
  • It does not seem likely that Steele’s wife a timid wife scared of her husband. It just doesn’t seem to make sense that a women who can run a horse form is not confident, strong, and capable.
  • Steele must have had a great trust is wife to allow her to pursue what seems to have been her interest in running some type of horse farm.
  • Steele and his wife have a large farm that seems to indicate they have a lot of money or at least have financial security.
  • Steele’s wife obviously knew of his pro-White beliefs and seems to have least accepted them if not supported them.
  • Standing and acceptance within a community is very important to most women. Steele’s wife weathered the storm (including death threats against her children) of her husband defending Aryan Nation, which could have made her and her family social outcast. If this is the case she either loved her husband very much and/or agreed with his political views and/or the people living in Northern Idaho did not see it as such a bad thing.
  • It seem, as another VNN post has stated, that Steele was a “house husband”. It really seems he may have had the ideal setup for fighting for what he believed in, his passion. Doing something that would allow him to leave his mark on the world. Maybe run for political office. Why would he through that away?
  • Given many of the points above, and other factors (i.e. heart attack) it is hard to believe that Steele jeopardize what he had. It is very unlikely that he would ever be able to find woman to replace his wife and he surely knew it. Hell, how many older NW wouldn’t snatch her up if she were ever on the open market?

Given the known facts, logical conclusions, personal experience it can be concluded that Steele's wife was a high quality woman. And Steele has conveyed he was well aware of this fact in his writings.