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Default The feds got him to throw in the mother-in-law

Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly
The craziest part of this whole mess is that Steele supposedly wanted to kill his mother-in-law. Why would he take the risk on her when there is no financial benefit?
The original plan was for Larry Fairfax to make it look like it Ed's political enemies attacked Ed and Cindy. Ed's bomb was not supposed to detonate. Then Ed could cash in on the insurance and be free of his wife. Larry got scared and went to the police. Then the police put a wire on Larry and taped two conversations at Steele's house. In these conversations the plan changed and became a double murder of both Cindy and her mother.

My guess is that the cops got Larry to lead Steele into this second killing. Since Steele had already decided to kill Cindi, Larry would be able to convince Steele to also kill the mother-in-law without being guilty of entrapment. This would make a much stronger case for the prosecution.

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