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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Greg Johnson says:
January 9, 2011 at 5:54 am

After a long day of hard work editing articles and a book; organizing lectures, conferences, and meetings; planning for the American Renaissance Conference; writing thank you notes to donors, etc., I checked out OD, where “real world” is just two more words on the internet, to find that Witless Wallace has been glued to the TV all day because of some shooting in Arizona, obviously hoping he can blame the shooting on one of us evil vanguardists. Here is his latest wisdom about vanguardists:

They are losers who do absolutely nothing but try to make our job more difficult. We are fools to associate ourselves with them. Undoubtedly, the ADL and SPLC are browsing their websites to collect ammunition to use against us in their fundraising appeals.

Of course just last year, Wallace was one of us losers (or “fucking losers” as he likes to put it). Since then, he has lost readers, writers, friends, and comrades, and he has become a laughingstock because of his manic podcasts and his spectacular wimp-outs on Jim Giles’s show and on camera with Jeffrey Imm. So, by my count, Wallace is quite a bit less than a fucking loser now.

How, then, has he hosted his ass high enough to shit down on people like George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce, who for all their failings still managed to accomplish more for the white race than a couple of fat eunuchs snapping pictures of Jeffrey Imm with a cell phone and tittering about their cleverness?

Simple: Wallace has now declared himself a Republican/Tea Party fan. They are winners, so he is a winner too. Just like all the other couch potatoes who become winners by watching their chosen team win on TV.

We vanguardists are accused of making Wallace’s “job” harder? What job would that be? Blogging to an ever dwindling audience? That’s nothing but political pantomime.

Wallace writes that the ADL and the SPLC are mining the websites of us evil losers to use against White Nationalism. Funny, but that’s exactly what Wallace has been doing for months now: trolling my site and constructing malicious spins, distortions, and witless parodies. Food for thought, no?

With “friends” like Witless Wallace, who needs the SPLC? No wonder he fantasized about working there during his psychotic break (the only one he will admit to). Perhaps the next time the thought crosses his mind, he can present OD as a writing sample.

He’s a natural smear-monger. Full of venom and unrestrained by honor or honesty.

[Last sentence is spot-on.]