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Greg Johnson
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Default Hunter Wallace Retires from the Field?

Hunter Wallace is just trying to get attention. His readership has shrunk to less than half of what it was at its peak last June, when he began attacking me and Counter-Currents and "Vanguardists." He has lost his best writers, his best commenters, and his most intelligent readers. He is shunned and reviled and ostracized.

The only movement ties he retains are with the Charles Martel Society, the publisher of TOQ, and the only reason they have not ostracized him is that they allowed him to copy all their donor and subscriber information and are simply afraid of him taking it all to the SPLC or the ADL.

Last week, he was seeking attention by polling his readers about whether or not to grant an interview to some journalist. Now he is threatening to ride off into the sunset--all so that his readers will beg him to stay.

He claims that everything is going so well in his life that he has no place for White Nationalism. He claims that he is no longer fat, has a great job, is successful with women, is involved in his community, and is making real progress by blending in with the Republicans.

I am betting, of course, that he is lying about it all. He is the same obese eunuch sponging off his parents and living in a fantasy world. His only source of ego gratification is creating drama on the internet. This is just the latest chapter.

He'll be back. Or he will never leave. Mark my words: I have this kook's psychological type nailed.