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Originally Posted by -JC View Post
What Will Work, Part Ten

"... The Pacific Northwest is not without its problems. But, nearly all the problems here are much more acute elsewhere, such as the influx of Hispanics, as well as those who openly defy Mother Nature with their “orientations” that they demand others accept. Again, these issues are, overall, much less present in the Homeland than outside of it. The only problem we have to a greater degree is dysfunctional Movement people. These are the narcissistic, drama-queen, tattooed, beer-swilling loudmouths who continually bray about “White Pride” yet are mentally and spiritually incapable of performing the one and only task that really matters in the long run — marrying well and raising strong White families. Fortunately these folks are mostly concentrated in the Idaho Panhandle. Unfortunately, they have managed to alienate many of the good White people from Coeur d’Alene to Bonners Ferry. A few have spilled over into the Kalispell, Montana area, estranging many good Whites in the Flathead Valley as well with their obnoxious behavior. Good Whites have no more use for these individuals than do the Jews. No, let me correct myself — the Jews have a lot of use for these people; just one of them does more harm to our folk than three dedicated Jewish activists could ever hope to accomplish... "
The only problem we have had in Kalispell is with Harold Covington's Northwest Front followers, Colonel House, his rotten raving drunken webmaster, Axis Sally the former torture porn queen, and the sweet little chain smoking thieving couple from Georgia who have a half black child and a retard they left behind. Harold is so jealous he cant contain himself so he keep writing this trash about us because we are successful and he is not.

BTW, when Craig Cobb when to ND he didnt have a vehicle, he had a pack on his back and a sleeping bag. But Craig is a true Aryan and adventurer and I guess we cant expect you soft young guys to be able to keep up with him.
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