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Craig Cobb
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Originally Posted by VikingWarrior View Post
Craig is right, if you are going to Williston for work, bring a camper or t- drop camper. There are NO rooms in any hotels or motels in and around Williston ND and as far south as Sidney MT 120 miles south. All hotels and motels full with folks working in Williston and Dickenson. This is boom town USA right now with Big Oil and the Bakken oil field. Lots of room for campers and RV's. Companies building new buildings outside of Williston itself, both side of the road into Williston. So much work, so many jobs, but nowhere to live. The state and city has dropped the ball with regards infrastructure, for the thousands of new arrivals, escaping the depression in other parts of the Kwa. Housing is now starting construction, but it's slow. Apartment building is also slow. So if you are going up to Williston, make sure you have a camper to sleep and live in untill housing becomes available. Craig is right again, make sure you arrive in Spring, March.. Gives you time to find a job, get settled before Winter sets in.

That is all !
Viking Warrior, there are some plots along the highway some miles south of Williston which have been bought and turned into trailer parks with various service levels. Some do have water and electricity. One next to me charges only $350 per month. Most charge $500-$550...a few $700. This is just for the right to park there--not for a trailer. But if you had a van, SUV etc, you could make it work. Use a 1500 watt Coleman propane heater, lots of down gear, and leave a window cracked. It can be done.

A jew Drudge front page lead the other day mentioned a fracking oil company up here that had 800 open positions (not all of them here).

I'm a little dismayed no VNNers or lurkers are coming here. Reflective of the current state of things I guess. Post to this thread if anyone does though. Thanks.