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Default Heater sale now at for campers, trailers, etc.

Direct vent heaters will get rid of moisture outside. An 18K BTU was perfect in my converted bus and I use a 6K BTU unvented heater in desert climes where moisture is a blessing rather than a curse. If living in such circumstances you have to no only be careful but speak with someone with experience.

Unvented heater combustion byproducts are not, in my opinion, much of a big deal. However, while I never sleep with an unvented heater operatin. I like a standing pilot for a little warmth and moisture.

I've spent winters in the Northwest and the Northwoods in sleeping bags in everything from snowcaves to tents.

Down bags are okay but don't withstand repeated laundering like synthetics. I've spent MANY hundreds of nights in sleeping bags and know that you can often find good ones at thrift stores. For comfort and practicality, try a heavy-weight, brand name, machine-washable, nylon shell bag with polyester fiberfill, such that you don't need to keep your head in the hood in all but survival conditions. Wash it with very little unscented detergent, double rinse, and dry it with medium heat or follow the washing label instructions.