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Maxfield Parrish
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Originally Posted by Maxfield Parrish
Williston, North Dakota in late autumn:

AG: Ror one thing the date on that photo is December not late autumn.

MP: It is late autumn. Winter does not commence until December 21 and the date on the photo is December 10 - which means late autumn.

AG: It is almost mid Winter, so yeah there is snow.

MP: No, it is not almost mid-winter. In fact, it isn't even winter period, and yet it already looks like Siberia up there. So just imagine what it's going to look like in that photo once winter starts, and then mid-winter. Holy Christ on a popsicle stick!

AG: If you are a pantywaist dont come up here.

MG: Well, you're a pantywaist (you wear panties, don't you?) so you just proved a pantywaist can handle the weather. But then, it's not about panties, is it? It's about being a 'dumbo' and not having your facts straight - such as not knowing the difference between late autumn and mid-winter. Guess you shouldn't be calling others 'dumbo' yourself.