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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
Steele whines about being moved to Moscow where his wife has a three hour drive to visit him. He provoked this move when he threatening a lawsuit over the Bonner County jail chaplain not providing him a book on Taoism. He is lucky that they didn't move him to Seattle and make it nearly impossible for Cyndi to visit him.
Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post

This business of recording his calls to his lawyer is a red herring and has little to do with his defense. Bonner County was just doing what they were told by the U.S. Marshall and it does no good to beat up on them. Both of the complaints are further proof that he became insane after aorta surgery.
Above is the format one uses to honesty quote someone on this forum.

Some jails contract with the federal government to handle federal prisoners but all jails. And no jail is required by contract to obey an unlawful command any more than any Citizen or Deputy U.S. Marshall is obliged to do so.

Anyone recall the alleged statement, "Offer the [Bonner County] Sheriff some money"?

And note, please, how quickly Misters Hadding and Pauley weighed in with their responses to the posting here of Mr. Steele's latest post.

U.S. Marshalls have always been political appointees. The U.S. Marshalls Service, employing Deputy U.S. Marshalls, on the other hand, is an administrative agency of the executive branch of the federal government. You might enjoy Steve McQueen's arguably last, greatest film, Tom Horn, which I'm told is a NETFLIX selection: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080031/

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