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Originally Posted by Hadding View Post
And another fucktard chimes in. Why don't you take this opportunity to state clearly and concisely how I supposedly lied about you on this thread? Say it in a paragraph so that nobody gets confused.

When I asked you two days ago to clarify your accusation you declined.
Another lie, Hadding, predictably. I posted the link for all to see. Anyone can go to post 1096 of this thread (and the few pages prior) to see you in all your slimy, backpeddling glory.

You are very jew-like in your 'debate' tactics. You behave exactly as Hitler described the kikes in Vienna, on a smaller scale, of course.

You've revealed yourself to be untrustworthy And this perpetual hit piece that you and Pauly have going here about Steele is as wrong as wrong can be.

There's something very wrong about all of this. Why it's allowed to continue is beyond me.