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Originally Posted by Hadding View Post
A link is not an answer. If you aren't full of shit you should be able to explain in a few words how Hadding lied about Leonard Rouse.
I had the post wrong a few posts earlier. Naturally, you know exactly what you lied about, as you've never met my challenge, because you can't.


From post 1913 4 July 2011:

Originally Posted by Leonard Rouse
Originally Posted by Hadding
There is no debate.

You admitted that you would claim that Steele was innocent whether he was or not, because he is a "comrade." When the implications of that position are brought out, you obfuscate. You would lie for "comrade" Steele but not for "comrade" Handley.
I have made no such claim that I would lie.

I dare you to quote me where I've said such, in your very next post.

You can't, because you, Hadding, are a lying sack of shit, whose motives are unknown.

I have said, repeatedly, that I would not throw Ed Steele, or another person on our side, under the bus.

I've also said that I would not "rub salt in the wound," as you have repeatedly.

The implication is not that one need lie. The implication is to keep your mouth shut, something you--again, charitably--appear incapable of doing.

Take pains you don't lie about me again.
It's funny, your kind--and sad. All you had to do was say 'sorry,' but instead you continue to blame your victim, attempt to impugn my credibility, and dig an even deeper hole for yourself with lies upon lies upon lies.

And all because you have some psychologically unhealthy need to be right. You're not the only one--nor the worst--though you may be the most crass.