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Donald E. Pauly
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Smile Crazier than Steele

Originally Posted by Leonard Rouse View Post
Who the hell are you?

You don't have any facts, and Pauly is a lying piece-of-shit. I am continually amazed that his activity has been allowed to continue.

And my username isn't Lenny. Do not use that cheap attempt at belittlement again.
You are clearly far crazier than Steele is. He was a victim of an unfortunate accident but you were born crazy. I don't know who Viking Warrior is but he has been around here six years compared to your two. Beginning Nazis like you should show respect to their elders and intellectual superiors.

If you weren't such a beginner, your would know that rabid Nazis use "G-d" to mock the Jews. Linder does it all the time. Why don't you tell him to stop? Fools like you do the Jews work by spinning insane conspiracy theories that make White Nationalists look like fools.