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George Lenz Says:

12 November, 2011 at 7:24 am

2 Olaf Gunnerson

You’ve got no basis for your claims.

First, in a murder for hire case the prosecution should have contacted the intended victim once valid evidence of the plot was uncovered. This has not been done in Mr. Steele’s case.

Second, best evidence in such cases is factual monetary payment to an assassin after the murder was committed. In a murder for hire case, the murder scene should have been staged, and payment for murder collected, to obtain the valid evidence for attempted murder accusation.

Absence of both in Edgar Steele’s case indicate that the whole thing is government frame-up of Mr. Steele. What the federal government presented as evidence in Mr. Steele’s case, as previously in Matthew Hale’s case are words, most likely assembled from innocent conversions to support the fabricated case. Even if those words true, and I doubt that, those are intentions of a man, not actual actions. What the whole thing teaches us: we should be ready to kill and die honorably for Our Cause rather than face fabricated accusations in kangaroo democratic courts.

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This whole case stunk from day one.

The faces at the court house of the players from a newspaper photo story IMO did not look like impartial folks to me.

IMO this is the Only case in US criminal history like this.

Any one who say EJS was not a target is massively ignorant/stupid or NKVD IMO.
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