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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
Our Lenny the Jew lover reminds me of the Jew Comedian Lenny Bruce, of Blessed Memory. He is a laugh a minute. I have posted my background in cardiology here previously but my motion speaks for itself.

Psychiatry is Jew science and a form of witchcraft. Steele's insanity stems from large numbers of mini-strokes caused by small blood clots in his brain. The damage is permanent although training can get him over some of it. A regular Jew shrink would be of no value whatsoever.

The first step is to get him to understand that he can't have his wife blown up with a pipe bomb. Then they have to get him to understand that he can not write steamy love letters from jail to his Ukrainian girlfriend. He is also way too trusting of his handy man. It don't know whether or not he needs to be institutionalized. There is no telling what he will do next.
You don't know any of that. You're typing out your ass.

Don't attempt to change the subject.

You have made repeated assertions that Steele has written 'love letters' to multiple women since he has been in jail.

Cite your source.

That is not public information. If you are telling the truth (which I find highly unlikely), then you are a government agent of some sort posting under false pretenses.

If not, then you're just a plain liar.