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Donald E. Pauly
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Smile Scumsucker Gets His Comeuppance

This is my reply to the disbarred lawyer who butchered the Steele trial and stole $120,000 from his supporters. There was no further reply from the scumsucker. Cut this lawyer a bit of slack. He knew during the trial that he was being disbarred and that shortly he would have to start working for a living. It must have terrifying. His original reply is at the end.


from Donald E. Pauly
to [email protected],"Donald E. Pauly"
date Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 8:15 PM
subject Supposed False Statements in Motion

Mr McAllister:

I am sooo honored to correspond with my first plastic lawyer. It is
not clear what the respective obligations of the parties are in this
unusual motion. Let this be an informal offer of proof as you lawyers
say. Humans have a desire to protect their reputations that lawyers
do not have. Therefore I do not want to falsely accuse you of
anything. You have done enough already.

First full disclosure. Steele could have had no more notice than you
did of this motion, if at all. Cyndi knew several days ago that
something was coming but not what. She did not rein in her current
lawyer, Mr Hoyt. He also knew something was coming but not what. He
received my motion some minutes after you did. I have never spoken to
Steele on the phone or met him in person. He is so mentally disabled
that I have grave doubts he would be able to understand the motion. I
wrote him in jail on 25 June, 2010 and he wrote me back on 28 June.
His reply subsequently proved to my satisfaction that he was crazy.
That proof is beyond the scope of this letter and also beyond the
present scope of this motion. I advised Cyndi to sue you and Amendola
for malpractice at the end of the trial.

I will cheerfully amend my motion to correct any factual errors in
your behavior that I have made. I am not concerned about how much
money you cheated your consultant out of who had to sue you to get her
money. It also doesn't concern me that you stole $100,000 from your
client in Colorado and that you refunded that money. Those matters
merely show that you could not have done a good job in the Steele
trial with disbarment hanging over your head. I am not interested in
all those other clients of yours whom you have likely defrauded
either. A private investigator in Colorado could no doubt dig up
dozens of them.

If you took a single penny from the Steele camp you committed fraud.
You put on a defense that would have shamed a first year law student.
My best estimate is that you collected $120,000 from the Steele
supporters. Kindly advise me of any errors in my motion. I will
cheerfully and immediately amend it and advise the press of the
corrections. Take note of the sources of my information in the motion
when you identify these errors. I am not responsible for errors in
those sources but I will endeavor to correct them. If memory serves
you did a press conference with your partner in crime Amendola. I did
not use that press conference for the motion. More importantly you
have attempted to send a severely mentally disabled senior citizen to
Federal prison for life.

I encourage you to sue me. Lawyers make money by being paid to sue
others. They make less money by suing others. They suffer badly when
they are sued. Of course I will counterclaim. As you know, with
diversity of citizenship, jurisdiction is in Federal court and venue
lies with the defendant. Welcome to Las Vegas! It is very seldom
that I drink with lawyers but I will make an exception in your case.
After court, I will show you the best and most economical buffets
where the locals go. I am a blackjack scholar and will give you
instruction in that philosopher's game if you need it. I also know
the casinos with the most liberal rules and reasonable table minimums.
Be advised that prostitution is illegal in Clark County but it is
legal in Nye County just across the line.

Donald E. Pauly

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Robert T McAllister <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 3:06 PM
Subject: RE: Amicus Curiae Motion to Vacate Sentence
To: "Donald E. Pauly" ,[email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Mr. Pauly

I am in receipt of your Amicus Curiae Motion. It contains numerous
false statements. I will not address each of the false statements
because I do not believe the Motion was prepared
and/or filed in good faith. In reviewing the Motion it does not appear
you are really interested in assisting Edgar Steele as opposed to
advancing your own personal agenda. I stipulated to
my disbarment from the practice of law because I violated the
professional rules of conduct. However there was no theft of any funds
nor has ant client or any person suffered a financial
loss as a result of my actions. Your statement " that the Steele case
would be the last one...[ I ] would ever try" is also misleading. I
fully intend to re-gain my license at the appropriate time and
continue to represent defendant's in criminal cases. In the interim I
intend to do everything I possibly can to assist in the defense of
Edgar Steele consistent with the rules of professional conduct.

R T McAllister