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Angry Another Story on the Sentencing

I predict that -JC will duplicate this post as soon as he finds it online. I missed this story which has a few new points on the sentencing.



Crime & Punishment
Edgar J. Steele, Neo-Nazi Lawyer, Looking at 50 Years in Prison for Murder-for-Hire Plot
By Curtis Cartier Wed., Nov. 9 2011 at 7:00 AM

During the trial of former Idaho neo-Nazi attorney Edgar J. Steele, supporters of his came out of the woodwork to defend their racist icon and to condemn anyone who would write or say anything but praise about him. Steele is now probably hoping those folks won't lose interest 36 years from now, when he's 100 years old and still has 14 years left on his prison sentence.

According to court documents, federal prosecutors have now announced that they are asking the court to sentence Steele to 50 years in prison for his part in unsuccessfully arranging for his wife and his mother in law to be killed via car bomb.

A lawyer, Steele made a living defending clients like members of the skinhead group Aryan Nations and serving as spokesman for racist teen-pop duo Prussian Blue. But he had apparently fallen on hard times because the plot to kill his wife and her mother--both white women, by the way--was centered on grabbing a potential insurance windfall once the plot was carried out.

That plot involved hiring a hitman to put a bomb under Steele's wife's car that would blow up and kill her, and another bomb under Steele's own car that would blow up while it was unoccupied, but would give the man the excuse of claiming that his entire family was being attacked. Instead, the hit man that Steele hired went straight to the FBI who quickly slapped a wire on him and had him twice record Steele detailing the plot. Steele was arrested on the day that the bombs were supposed to have gone off.

And throughout his trial both he and his supporters called the case a "witch hunt" and pretentiously said the FBI was simply targeting him because his nutjob racist views were threatening to the federal government. Supporters lashed out at us and other media outlets who dared to report on the case, claiming that we'd all be sued for libel once Steele was acquitted.

Obviously that prediction didn't pan out.

Steele's sentence will be handed down today.