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Robert Ransdell
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Robert Ransdell

Good post.

Who would ever think it would be a good idea to fight a war on terms defined by the enemy - that is what the conservatives have been doing in trying to oppose the left for decades.

The battle is for the society, for the nation, for the civilization and it is not about whether one is a racist or not, but that is what the leftist always turns it into and the conservative spends their energy toward trying to assure the other side they are not racist and then they try to convince the hardcore leftists, the Jews, and the other anti-Whites elements of the truth and facts.

You see this as these conservative commentators are always trying to point out liberal lies and hypocrisy, trying to argue the truth with them, when the opposition doesn't care about the truth or facts, they only care about advancing their anti-White policies.

The battle is racial with all the other issues being secondary and the conservatives don't want to fight that battle or engage in talking about the key issues that are at the root of the fight.

They are obsessed with the secondary issues like states rights, the Constitution, and taxes and as a whole willingly ignore the racial significance of leftist policy during the past 65 years.