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Daryl Basarab
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Daryl Basarab

I think the root of this disgusting butt kissing to is the result of the fact that you are too easy on Starr/the barreness/hitler goddess because she is a women.

People were surprised that I attacked her. Here's the thing, I don't support chivalry when I am taking revenge against a forum that outed me. She was a supermoderator and she's now an admin and she at any time could have stepped down, apologized, walked away. But she wouldn't and that makes her fair game. I don't care if she was relatively polite, pretended to be neutral etc., the fact of the matter is she had the power to get her forum in order and she didn't.

I'm convinced that if Starr was a male, you'd have no problem with this outing. It's only because you think you are some knight defending the women that you pretend to care.

It's kind of disgusting to watch 88mmflak and the barreness run over to you guys and cry "wahhhhh kane outed me" fuck you, you deserved it. You shouldn't out people and not expect them to retaliate. And you shouldn't think that just because you are a women and maybe post flirtatious things, that you'll be spared the retaliation. Not with a guy like me.