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Originally Posted by Amalekite
Is that Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby? Do you mean the transcript of the deposition Mark Lane got from an ADL director that you can buy from Noontide Press?

White Paper on the ADL


(Spotlight Reprint from August 10, 1981)

Dual Loyalists Work Against U.S. Interests

Liberty Lobby has always advocated a policy of America first in
foreign affairs and this has made it the enemy of every alien
interest which wishes to manipulate the power of the United States
for its own selfish purposes -- purposes not often noble and never
in this nation's interests.

Thus, Liberty Lobby has been the butt of a sustained smear campaign
by the media designed to intimidate potential supporters -- to
frighten them off for fear of a similar fate.

The main organization orchestrating this malicious barrage of hate
has been the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, and the
purpose of this white paper is to analyze the purpose and methods of
the ADL.

This laudable (not to mention courageous) task becomes all the more
important at this time when America stands a hair's-breath away from
nuclear war and the ADL is the main culprit leading us into that

Liberty Lobby deeply resents the fact that America is literally an
occupied nation, held in subjection by a foreign government which
has seized control of its policy-making apparatus -- a once-great
nation without the will to resist or to act independently when the
interests of this other nation are involved.

It is the purpose of Liberty Lobby to acquaint enough Americans with
these facts to cause a political upheaval -- an upheaval which is
clearly on the way simply because the facts are so vivid that they
can no longer be hidden.

Liberty Lobby urges all readers of this white paper to personally
contact their congressman and senators to discuss the facts
presented below and to demand that the allegations be either
confirmed or denied by official investigation. If the ADL is --
as we state -- an unregistered agent of a foreign power then the
parties responsible must be indicted and tried for felony violation
of American law.

Congress can do no less than investigate these serious charges and
you have the right and obligation to be sure that it does.


Most Americans have probably never heard of the Anti-Defamation
League of B'nai B'rith (ADL). Many of those who have heard of it
(including some of its own naive supporters) regard it as nothing
more than another in the vast herd of organizations that claim to be
promoting brotherhood. Only those who have paid attention to what
the ADL is actually doing have a real conception of its nature.

The ADL was founded in 1913 by the B'nai B'rith (Sons of the
Covenant), a Jewish fraternal organization dating back to 1843. The
B'nai B'rith has always publicly represented its own activities as
essentially charitable. It is tax-exempt and contributions are
tax-deductible. Its creature, the ADL, was allegedly intended to
act as a counterforce to anti-Jewish sentiment in the United States.
Originally it appeared that the ADL was to be nothing more than a
publicity organ of the B'nai B'rith whose purpose was to combat
religious prejudice against, and unflattering stereotyping of, the
growing number of Jewish immigrants in the United States.

It quickly became clear that the ADL had taken to itself a more
ambitious role. It would have not only a positive propaganda
function; it would also have a "monitoring" or espionage function,
along with a suppressive, censoring function whose goal was to
prevent anything being heard, read, or seen which was opposed by
those who control the ADL.

Additionally, the scope of the ADL's protection of the Jews against
defamation was defined to include the encouragement of political and
social programs and attitudes which would help the Jews (most of
whom were arriving from Eastern Europe and were perceived as people
of distinctly alien race, tongue, beliefs, and customs) gain more
and more power, status, prosperity, and influence. Because the Jews
on the whole were "outsiders" working their way up -- as were other
immigrants -- the ADL took a stance that was harshly opposed to
people who already "belonged," as well as to their opinions,
religions, traditions, heroes, institutions, clubs, jokes,
scientific theories, and everything else which tended to bind
together and stabilize the already-established Americans into a
relatively homogeneous cultural and social whole.

Secret Report

There was an effort to make the ADL's efforts appear more
altruistic, and to disguise their true thrust, by creating the
appearance of working on behalf of all minorities, for brotherhood
in general. A recent proof that such a scheme was consciously
contrived by the ADL is found n a secret report entitled "The
Proposed B'nai B'rith- Anti-Defamation League Operations in Latin
America," written in 1965 by Arnold Forster, who for many years was
general counsel of the ADL. Depicting Latin America as a kind of
new frontier for development by the ADL, and lamenting only that
Latin America Jews are not more unified and more aware of the threat
of anti-Semitism, Forster writes on page 46:

(Many elements in the Jewish community are convinced "things are
good." These people have closed their eyes for many years to
existing anti-Semitism, hoping that by doing so it will go away.
This group is fearful that public action designed to counter
anti-Jewish hostility will "stir things up." They are reluctant to
"make waves," attracting attention to themselves. The only way
these Jews will be persuaded to join defense efforts is to "dress
up" programs with the problems of other ethnic groups, camouflaging
the fight for the Jewish minority in an across-the-board fight for
all minorities.)

Liberty Lobby has a full copy of this amazing blueprint for
expansion into South America by exploiting and intensifying social

If resentment arose among the established Americans (most of whom
were of Northern European descent), then it would be ascribed to
selfishness and prejudice; a strong sense of guilt must be
inculcated in those who felt the natural responses of pride and
self-defense even as the ADL and other Jewish groups worked to
increase Jewish pride. If anybody criticized the ADL or the aims
and people it supported, then he was an anti-Semite and a danger to
democracy. If anybody opposed legislation that would take money,
power, or privileges away fro the established Americans and give
them to unestablished Americans, he was somebody to be shunned and
humiliated on account of his greed and bigotry. Even those who
manifested simple patriotism and pride of heritage were ridiculed as
"nativists" or attacked as dangerous fanatics.

"Nationalism" became a dirty word in the ADL dictionary because of
its connotation of white cohesion. Meanwhile the ADL always dealt
sympathetically with any ideology -- socialism, communism,
internationalism -- which promised to break down the existing
leadership of society.

That was during the first half of this century. And then came
political Zionism -- no longer just a dream of returning all Jews to
a single nation of their own, but instead an active process by which
Palestine was to be seized by Jews from its Arab owners and turned
into a super-nationalistic state with an official religion, to be
populated by Jews from all over the world and supported
patriotically and financially by those who did not actually go there.

What was bad in America was fine in Israel, as far as the ADL was
concerned. America needed a "pluralistic" (that is, accommodating
every race, religion, and culture) society, while Israel had a
monolithic society. America needed a total separation of church and
state (no displays of Christmas trees or crosses on public grounds,
and no prayers in public schools), while Israel was inseparable from

The ADL became the instrument of a foreign power following the
Zionist policy of terrorism and aggression in Palestine which
resulted in the foundation of Israel. ADL leaders are constantly
traveling to and from Israel and have frequent communications with
Israeli diplomatic personnel in the United States. ADL
publications, such as the "ADL Bulletin" and "Facts," are largely
devoted to Israeli and Zionist matters. The energy of the ADL is
largely focused on stifling criticism of Israel in this country by
labeling such criticism "anti-Semitism" and seeking the ruin of any
politician or private citizen who dares to say anything against
Zionism or Israeli interests.

34 Americans Killed

After Israel's planes knowingly attacked the American ship, "USS
Liberty," and killed 34 American sailors, the ADL boasted about its
success in covering up and distorting the truth about the atrocity.
When Liberty Lobby's daily radio program, "This is Liberty Lobby,"
reported on Israeli military attacks on the Arabs, the ADL called
the program anti-Semitic and bigoted and undertook a long and
viscous campaign of lies, threats, and economic intimidation to get
the program off the air.

As all members of Congress know, more than one man of politics has
been consigned to private life because he was less than adoring of
Israel, or even because he admitted that there is such a thing as a
Zionist lobby or a Zionist influence on the American press -- an
influence which, less than incidentally, is felt mainly through the

More ominously still, it now appears that Zionist influence in this
country is spearheaded by the Israeli secret service, the Mossad,
and that the ADL and the openly terrorist Jewish Defense League
(JDL) are orchestrated by the Mossad. The ADL maintains a pose of
opposition to violence, while the JDL, openly flying the Israeli
flag within this country, screams for blood and makes physical
assaults on its victims. The same man who loses his job or is
denied an office because of the ADL is liable to be beaten up or
shot by the JDL. The ADL and the JDL are two horns of the same


According to Joseph P. Kamp, Arnold Forster, the long-time general
counsel of the ADL, was arrested many years ago for painting
swastikas on a synagogue. Much more recently, the Associated Press
reported that Irving Rubin, West Coast leader of the JDL, was booked
for investigation of using an explosive device in the bombing of the
Beth Sar Shalom Religious Center in North Hollywood.

This apparently incongruous behavior points up the important fact
that the ADL (and the JDL) must have anti-Semitism in order to
exist, and they will create the appearance of it if they cannot find
it growing in the wild. Zionism is in fact founded on the Zionist's
acceptance of anti-Semitism as a natural and unavoidable phenomenon
which can be ended only by the movement of Jews to their own
homeland. (Herzl, "The Jewish States: An Attempt at a Modern
Solution of the Jewish Question," 1943, pp. 19-20; Hertzberg, ed.,
"The Zionist idea," 1966, p. 49.) As long as most Jews show no
inclination to migrate to Israel, the fear of anti-Semitism whipped
up by the ADL serves the second useful purpose of garnering
tremendous financial and political support for Israel among Jews
in America and elsewhere.

The scope of the ADL's propaganda efforts would be impossible to
detail in a short space. The ADL line is planted in everything from
comic books to textbooks, "true confessions" magazines to Christian
religious publications. The television series, "Holocaust," was
basically an ADL creation and was accomplished by a great outpouring
of ADL-orchestrated publicity and a barrage of study guides for use
in schools and churches. The same is true, to a lesser extent, of
the series "Masada." Without even going into the historical
inaccuracies of the two films, their messages can be summed up

1. The Israelis were (are) nicer than all other humans.
2. Jews always are persecuted by unappreciative "gentiles."
3. Israel is Jewish property.
4. Israel is the only hope for Jewish survival.

Words and Images

To purvey its propaganda the ADL has machined a special set of
verbal tools for its unique purposes, just as did the communists,
for whom "democracy" means communism and "liquidate" means murder.
The ADL vocabulary is designed to make the ADL and its clients look
wonderful while making its victims and enemies seem abhorrent. The
process begins with the creation of two contrasting images -- one of
innocence, kindliness, intelligence, and tolerance, and another as
an amalgam of disease, neurosis, insanity, wild-eyed religious
fanaticism, mindless hatred, torture, and mass murder, most
typically in the form of pogroms medieval and modern.

We have all seen the movies, the novels, the comics, the plays, the
"musicals," the comedians, the well-tutored teachers, and the
endless torrent of television programs which create those
ADL-desired images.

Love and Hate

The lines are drawn as clearly as at any Saturday-night professional
wrestling match where the handsome, cleancut athlete in the white
cowboy hat confronts the grotesque, slavering mound of blubber that
will attempt to annihilate him. The crowds love and hate the images
even before the battle of good and evil begins, and once it is
established who deserves to be obliterated, the same brutal cheating
that draws boos when originated by the monster brings screams of
delight when used by the good guy.

The ADL places itself and those it represents in the angelic realm
of Good. Those who oppose it or displease it are consigned to the
demonic kingdom of Evil. The military invasions of the Good are
righteous wars of self-defense. Everybody else's wars are wars of
aggression. The tortures and prison-murders of the Good are
interrogations and accidents. The napalming of civilians and the
wiping out of whole villages are "retaliations" or inspiring
military victories if carried out by the Good, and deeds of infamy
to be memorialized 'ad nauseum' if inflicted by the Evil.

When the ADL spreads lies about somebody it is "sharing information
about the truth nature" of its victim. If the lies are about an
employee, the employer is cautioned about "the effect on community
good-will of your keeping such an individual on your payroll after
you have been made aware of his true nature." A politician or
businessman who is threatened with blackmail if he doesn't fall in
line is being "sensitized to Jewish concerns."

The expression of views disliked by the ADL is a "spewing forth of
bigotry and hate." Such views are "filth," "garbage," "obscene," a
"threat to American democracy," and constitute "pollution of the
airwaves." Such views "are not legitimate fare," and "have no place
on the log of a reputable broadcaster." Certain opinions (i.e.,
those opposed by the ADL) are not within the constitutional
protection of freedom of speech.

The Chameleon Anti-Semitism

The most favored and most devastating terms in the ADL's arsenal are
"anti-Semitism" and its variants. There is, of course, nothing
worse than anti-Semitism. It is the greatest evil in the history of
the world, and it always "lurks just below the surface of Western
civilization ready to burst forth in a new orgy of horror." Just
why it should lurk there -- or even what it is -- is rarely
discussed, but all good folk must be "ever watchful for its
slightest manifestation," and put before all else their efforts to
stuff it back under the topsoil when it tries to break out. It is a
"deadly virus" which must, along with its carriers, be dealt with
like an outbreak of typhoid.

Likewise vague, and purposely so, is what constitutes anti-Semitism.
It is a wide net that catches many fish. Even a Jew who says the
wrong thing -- such as Saul Joftes, for many years an officer of the
B'nai B'rith, who said that Israel was controlling the ADL and the
B'nai B'rith -- is called an anti-Semite. He is also a "sick
individual" who has deteriorated as a result of "severe emotional

In order to make criticism of Zionism ineradicably disreputable,
the ADL says that anybody other than a Zionist who uses the word
"Zionist" is really using a code-word for Jew. Therefore any
criticism of Zionism (including Israel, of course), is irrational
and obscene and demonic, not to mention anti-Semitic. Furthermore,
any criticism of Israel or the ADL is invariably reported by the ADL
as "an attack on Israel [or the ADL] and on all Jews," even though
there has been no reference direct or indirect to Jews.

And no discussion of ADL vocabulary would be complete without
mentioning the word for all seasons -- "canard." A canard is a
false or unfounded story, and any allegation or report which the ADL
does not like is simply dubbed a "canard" and thus disposed of for
all time without the need for analysis or discussion.

It can be seen that to the ADL language is not so much a means of
communication as a means of obfuscation, and that words are used to
mislead, to put the truth out of focus, and to avoid confronting
real issues.

The ADL Attempts to Stifle Freedom of Speech

From the earliest years of its history, the ADL has revealed itself
to be a self-anointed censor of what should reach the public
consciousness in America. One of its main fields of activity is the
suppression of views it does not want heard, and, as such, it is the
avowed enemy of freedom of speech.

The favored method, where it is feasible, is called "quarantine."
It simply means that a person or group subject to quarantine is
never heard of and never heard from. What he says and does is not
reported (except to the ADL), and what he writes is not published.
If he is engaged to speak by a club or college or broadcasting
station, the ADL sees to it that the speech never takes place.
The sponsoring entity is subjected to telephone calls, threatening
letters, and visits by delegations of local ADL and B'nai B'rith

If quarantine works, then its victim is rendered, for all practical
purposes, voiceless and unable to exert influence except in the most
restricted sphere. He is not even attacked. He is a non-person.

The concept of quarantine is quite openly discussed in ADL circles
as an alternative to actively slandering its enemies. The
Washington "Star" of February 10, 1965 reported that Herman
Edelsberg, director of the ADL's Washington office, said that
members of the "radical right" who could not be persuaded to change
their views to conform with the ADL's dogmas should be dealt with by
"keeping them in quarantine, until, from tedium, they drop out."

No Debate

An organization that has been closely linked to the ADL in purpose
and in fundraising, the American Jewish Committee, concluded in
January, 1960, after a five-year study by Dr. Andhil Fineberg, that
an opponent's statements should not be debated because debate would
strengthen the opponent's ability to get attention. Those who know
him should "privately expose him to opinion molders." Presumably
one is exposed if he is called a hatemonger and an anti-Semite in
the right private quarters. It may be, however, that some genuine
dirt can be dug up, in which case a wider audience is desirable:
"... [P]ublicity can be effective where a bigot is concealing facts
about himself." (Quoted in Joseph P. Kamp, "The Bigots Behind the
Swastika Spree," 1960).

A member of the audience at a so-called "Rumor Clinic" presented by
Hyman Haves of the ADL's southern California office on February 1,
1950 in Santa Ana, California, reported some of the speaker's
remarks in this manner:

"Explaining the tactics of the League [ADL], Haves related instances
wherein ADL representatives called on editors and radio station
owners in cities where opponents were scheduled to speak. he told
how these editors and radio station operators were "enlightened and
convinced" to give no publicity to the speakers. He described this
as the "quarantine or silent treatment" and said it was greatly
reducing the audiences of the enemies of the league.

"He said boastfully that many ADL opponents "have been cut down" by
finding some embarrassing or unpleasant happening in their past and
using it against them. Haves said the league found the income of
one particular enemy who paid income tax on only $11,000, to be
actually $32,000, and said the ADL simply gathered the information
and turned it over to the federal government.

"You can call these tactics anything you want to," Haves commented.
"You can even say smear. We prefer to say education."

Silent Treatment Technology

A striking instance of the silent treatment technology is found in a
letter, dated December 13, 1933, written beneath the letterhead of
the Anti-Defamation League, Chicago, Illinois, by Richard E.
Gutstadt, director. The letter begins, "To the Publishers of
Anglo-Jewish Periodicals,"


"Scribner & Sons have just published a book by Madison Grant
entitled "The Conquest of a Continent." It is extremely
antagonistic to Jewish interests. Emphasized throughout is the
"Nordic superiority" theory, and the utter negation of any "melting
pot" philosophy with regard to America.

"We are interested in stifling the sale of this book. We believe
that this can be best accomplished by refusing to be stampeded into
giving it publicity. Every review or public criticism of the book
of this character brings it to the attention of many who would
otherwise know nothing of it. This results in added sales. The
less discussion there is concerning it, the more sales resistance
will be created.

"We therefore appeal to you to refrain from comment on this book,
which will undoubtedly be brought to your attention sooner or later.
It is our conviction that a general compliance with this request
will sound the warning to other publishing houses against engaging
in this type of venture."

Iron Curtain Over America

In 1955 ADL National Chairman Henry Schultz wrote on ADL stationary
to Lt.-Gen. George E. Stratemeyer, complaining that the
distinguished general had written a letter endorsing John O. Beaty's
book, "Iron Curtain Over America," "and recommending it to Americans
in general." Schultz then went on to educate Gen. Stratemeyer about
the book's author:

"Professor Beaty is no newcomer to the field of anti-Jewish
propaganda. As long ago as 1948 he was delivering anti-Semitic
lectures in the Southwest."

Until the publication of "Iron Curtain Over America," Beaty was
"irritating only in a local sense." Now he was nationally known,
and something had to be done about it. (Exactly what Prof. Beaty had
said that was so objectionable was not revealed, of course, and the
ADL did not "propose to burden" the general "at this point with our
detailed analysis of the book...")

The ADL's muscle man then put on the twist in typical heavyhanded,
oblique fashion:

"In view of the foregoing, it is our feeling that you may want to
consider the advisability of some publication which can assure the
American people, who hold you in such high regard, that you
repudiate religious hatred, as we know you do, and the use of your
name by Professor Beaty..."

The renowned Air Force general responded, "I forcefully resent what
you have said or implied," and stated, "I do not consider that book
anti-Jewish in any sense of the word." He continued:

"When the United States of America reaches the point where a citizen
cannot read what he desires to read and to recommend such reading to
others then we will have reached the status that exists in Soviet
Russia... As I interpret your letter, your organization would have
the people read only what you think should be read and recommended
to others. This I resent as a free American citizen.

"I do not understand what you mean by your statement, "we do not
propose to burden you at this point, etc." Is this a veiled threat
to my free expression and thoughts? If so, this I also resent.

"Your letter is the most outrageous communication I have ever
received in my life and I intend to give it the widest possible
publicity, including my many Jewish friends."

A somewhat similar incident occurred in 1959, when Gen. Ulysses S.
Grant III caused an article called "Abraham Lincoln and the
Rothschilds" to be distributed to members of the Military Order of
the Loyal Legion of the United States. Herman Edelsberg of the
Washington, D.C. office of the ADL wrote an insulting letter to Gen.
Grant on June 19, 1959, claiming that he had lent his name "to a
vile anti-Semitic canard" and "the fabrication of a warped mind."
Edelsberg dwelt in an uncomplimentary manner upon the alleged
history of the article and its distributors, of course, rather than
upon the factual content of the piece, which had to do with the role
of international bankers in the American Civil War. Edelsberg
ordered the general to "speedily and fully repudiate" the

Gen. Grant replied indignantly with a defense of the historical
accuracy of the article, and pointed out that it was only Edelsberg
and the ADL who had given it "the anti-Jewish twist."

"What "the international bankers" of Europe did a century ago to
help the Confederacy cannot by any reasonable person be considered a
reflection on the many, many good Americans who are Jews, and your
efforts to make it seem so is difficult to understand."

The ADL pressure continued, with great play in the newspapers --
which tended, as is usually the case with newspapers, to adopt the
ADL's language as their own and to describe the article flatly as
"anti-Semitic." There was much debate over whether the general had
"apologized," but the apology was also an ADL fantasy, and the
general never abandoned his guns.