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Congressman Gets Treatment

Congressman John G. Schmitz of California received the same kind of
treatment in the summer of 1972, after he had written an
introduction and endorsement to "None Dare Call It Conspiracy," by
Gary Allen. Mr. Allen, like the author of Gen. Grant's article,
had spoken of "international bankers." Harvey Schechter of the ADL
sent a letter to Congressman Schmitz.

"We were distressed to read your introduction to and endorsement of
"None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen, and we hereby call
upon you to withdraw your endorsement and repudiate this
anti-Semitic propaganda book."

Congressman Schmitz published the ADL letter along with his own
reply in the "Congressional Record" of June 19, 1972. He wrote to
Schechter that Schechter's attack on him because of "None Dare Call
It Conspiracy" was "one of the most remarkable confirmations of the
book's thesis that I have seen," in that Gary Allen had stated that
the ADL was used "as an instrument to try to convince everyone that
any mention of the Rothschilds or their allies is an attack on all

Quoting from the book, Congressman Schmitz continued:

"Any individual book exploring this subject is immediately attacked
by hundreds of ADL committees all over the country. The ADL has
never let truth or logic interfere with its highly professional
smear jobs. When no evidence is apparent, the ADL, which staunchly
opposed so-called 'McCarthyism,' accuses people of being 'latent

"There is not a word in Gary Allen's book which could possibly be
construed by any reasonable man as an attack on any religious faith."

Among its other efforts on behalf of American democracy, the ADL
attempted to get the Federal Communications Commission to prevent
telephone companies from permitting the purveyors of certain ideas
from using their recorded message services. The group the ADL had
specifically in mind had denounced the Peace Corps and (according to
the ADL) called up "lurid visions of a 'communist conspiracy'
lurking behind" various groups, including (surprise!) the ADL.
(Washington "Post," Sept. 9, 1965.) A few years later the Supreme
Court eventually thwarted a prolonged ADL effort to make the FCC
take away the license of a radio station which had broadcast an
"appeal to prejudice." The ADL had refused a proffered opportunity
to broadcast a reply:

"A reply, said attorneys for the Jewish service organization, only
focuses more attention upon a racial or religious slur, lending it
more dignity."

The same policy is no doubt useful if one just can't think of a good

This is Liberty Lobby

The longest and most intense campaign waged by the ADL against a
specific group in many years is its continuing war to have the radio
program, "This is Liberty Lobby," removed from the airwaves. The
ADL's enmity to Liberty Lobby stemmed originally from its general
enmity to all nationalist, "rightist" elements in America. The
ever-increasing importance of Israel in the ADL program, running up
against Liberty Lobby's outspoken advocacy of United States
neutrality in the Middle East, as elsewhere abroad, precipitated the
ADL "counteraction," as the instigators euphemistically called it.

The entire matter is documented by materials, such as internal ADL
letters and memoranda, uncovered during a subsequent lawsuit brought
by Liberty Lobby. The whole effort was carefully planned,
organized, and coordinated at the ADL's national headquarters in New
York. Inquiries by Israeli officials in the United States played an
important, and perhaps the leading role, in getting the
counteraction underway. Not surprisingly, some of the Israeli-ADL
correspondence is missing from the materials the ADL was forced to
produce during the Liberty Lobby lawsuit, and the one letter that
got through was reproduced so poorly that most of it is illegible.
It is from the ADL, Boston, to the Israeli Consulate in Boston, and
is dated December 24, 1973. The letter begins: "I appreciate your
calling my attention to Liberty Lobby broadcast on [station call
letters illegible], Boston." The letter continues for two more
paragraphs, almost entirely illegible, beginning with the words,
"I believe that you are aware of the fact that Liberty Lobby is..."
The words "editorial" and "bumper stickers" appear, giving clues of
the general trend of the discussion. Copies of the letter were sent
to at least eight individuals, most or all of them ADL professional

Form Letters

Soon radio stations began receiving phone calls and letters of
complaint from local people, most of whom (the radio station
personnel reported) had apparently never heard the Liberty Lobby
program. The letters were almost always parrot renditions of
language from ADL "kits" mailed out from New York to regional

Packets of "information" about Liberty Lobby were sent to radio
stations, and there was an attempt to create the impression that
numerous spontaneous complaints were being received about the
program by the ADL offices. Advertisers susceptible to ADL and
B'nai B'rith influence threatened to withdraw, and in some cases
actually did withdraw, their business from stations which would not
cancel the Liberty Lobby broadcasts.

Meanwhile, as is easily proved by a review of the scripts that were
used, there was nothing even remotely anti-Semitic or similarly
objectionable in the "This is Liberty Lobby" broadcasts, although
there were occasionally comments on Israel. In a letter of December
3, 1973, the chairman of a western broadcasting company wrote to
Sheldon Steinhauser of ADL's Denver office referring to complaints
about the Liberty Lobby program:

"I must, however, in all candor say that upon listening to these
programs I have never heard anything which could be classified as an
attack upon the Jewish faith or our citizens of that national origin.

"It is a rather abrasive attack upon foreign policy in the Near
East. It is not, in my opinion, at all different from any other
highly controversial opinion, hence we have no intention of
censoring it."

Courageous Broadcaster

On January 16, 1975, an attorney from the Washington, D.C. law firm
of Koteen & Burt, representing station WVOX, New Rochelle, New York,
wrote to one Donald Flamm, who passed the letter on to the ADL.

"Particularly over the course of the last year or so, a great deal
of pressure has been brought to bear upon WVOX... by various people
and organizations in an attempt to force it to drop "Liberty
Lobby"... During the course of various inquiries about this program,
I have reviewed numerous scripts to determine, among other things,
whether it is being used as a vehicle for attacking various people
and groups and whether, therefore, various requirements of the
Federal Communications Commission's Fairness Doctrine come into
play. In no instance that has come to my attention have I found
anything which is even superficially anti-Semitic."

The attorney went on to say that a New York "Times" reporter who had
done a story on the program had found nothing anti-Semitic in it,
and that the station president, Bill O'Shaughnessy, "has become
satisfied that those who actually bother to listen to the program
have not found it to be anti-Semitic." The lawyer stated that the
American Civil Liberties Union believed that attempts to remove the
program from the air "represent a classic example of attempts to
suppress freedom of speech."

All broadcasters were not as courageous as O'Shaughnessy, who
refused to buckle even though he was favored with menacing letters
from ADL general counsel Arnold Forster personally. According to an
ADL memorandum, Howard Warshaw, president of Universal Broadcasting
Company, New York, after having met with ADL staff and having been
warned by them that "This is Liberty Lobby" was "anti-Semitic,"
ordered the general manager of WTHE (Mineola, Long Island) to listen
to all Liberty Lobby programs in advance and to discuss any
"questionable" material with him. If any tape contained "the kind
of anti-Semitic material contained in the specimens we reviewed"
(i.e. criticisms of Israel and of potential U.S. involvement in a
Middle East war) they would be pre-empted, or an older tape played.

The memo, from Mel Cooperman to Harry Rosenkranz, January 10, 1974,

"By the way, WTHE has carried, and will continue to carry every ADL
"Report from Israel" program we send them, as they have for six

On April 23, 1974, the ADL's Monroe Schlactus wrote to ADL's
"director of domestic fact-finding," Irwin Suall, that he had been
told that Howard Warshaw of Long Island "has begun to be most
cooperative in killing the tapes even before we express concern."
It happened that Warshaw also owned station KUXL in Schlactus'
Minnesota territory:

"I would imagine that through Mel's contact with Warshaw, we may be
able to preview all the Liberty Lobby tapes before their airing."

A memorandum from Isadore Zack to Herman Brown, with copies to
various ADL higher-ups, spread the following good news:

"I understand from Sherm Keller of WRYT-Boston that his boss, Ken
Carter, plans to audition the Liberty Lobby tapes before putting
them on the air and will not use any program that mentions Israel in
a derogatory way. I am alerting our monitors to check this out."

Liberty Lobby Makes Comeback

The massive ADL "counteraction" (fully documented in official
documents procured through legal process) did result by 1975 in the
loss of many stations and the cancellation by the Mutual Network of
its contract with Liberty Lobby to carry the program. This reduced
the total number of stations to 106. However, in spite of
continuing ADL pressure, today (June, 1981) the program is carried
on 470 stations, most of them as a free public service. The
program's point of view today is identical to what it was in 1975,
which should say something about the increasing public acceptance of
Liberty Lobby's pro-American outlook.

In Liberty Lobby's files there is also documentary evidence that ADL
agents have contacted advertisers in order to prevent them from
placing ads in Liberty Lobby publications, and that ADL agents seek
out contributors to Liberty Lobby and pay visits to their homes.
Even advertising agencies are put on the griddle:

"For the record, I have received information that there is an
advertising agency in Los Angeles which is handling the placing of
Liberty Lobby's radio program on radio stations nationally... I have
asked Harvey Schechter to undertake an investigation of this agency.

-- Memorandum from Irwin Suall (director of ADL's "Domestic
Fact-finding Department") to Justin Finger, February 14, 1974.

"Talent" is not immune from persecution, either: The same Harvey
Schechter (of the ADL's Los Angeles regional office) who was to
investigate Liberty Lobby's advertising agency was also hot on the
trail of the famous announcer who introduced Liberty Lobby's radio
programs. Schechter wrote to Maxwell Greenberg on July 30, 1974:

"I for one, am distressed at the fact that Liberty Lobby broadcasts
begin with an opening comment by Harry von Zell... In view of his
key position with Home Savings and Loan and the gutter anti-Semitism
of the Liberty Lobby, I would like to suggest that a letter from you
to him about this might further stimulate him to take action to deny
Liberty Lobby the use of his voice."

In an unrelated incident, a radio announcer named Allan E. Augustine
was fired by WOKY, Milwaukee, after the ADL complained that
Augustine had acted irresponsibly in interviewing two nazis on his
talk show.

Union Saves Pilot's Job

A final example of the ADL's tactics shows them at their most vile.
On April 3, 1978, Irwin Suall wrote to the management of Trans World
Airlines (TWA):

"I'm writing at the suggestion of Arnold Forster, who happens to be
abroad at present, concerning Mr. ----, a TWA pilot who has managed
to antagonize a large number of people in New Jersey."

The letter went on to accuse the TWA pilot of writing
letters-to-the-editor which were critical of "Jews, Zionism and
Israel." (In actual fact, the pilot had never criticized Jews. He
had, however, gone so far as to put an ad in a newspaper in which he
placed, according to Suall, "the blame for the deaths in the March
11th PLO raid on the Israelis.")

"It so happens that a number of people apparently know that --- is a
TWA pilot..., ---'s propaganda activities are apparently linked in
their minds with TWA.

"Mr. Foster felt that you would want to be informed about this
matter and asked me, just before he left, to share the information
with you and to convey to you his most cordial regards, I would be
pleased to hear from you."

At last report the pilot still has his job, although thanks more to
his union and the Railroad Labor Act than to his employer, Cases of
this kind come to the light of day only rarely; many a man has
probably been dismissed at the behest of the ADL without ever
knowing the real cause.

Represents A Foreign Nation

No regular reader of the "ADL Bulletin" and other ADL publications
and productions can doubt that the ADL's primary concern is the
artificial nation of Israel. The welfare of Israel is put above all
else, certainly including the United States. Visits to the United
States by Israeli generals and politicians are given front-page
coverage in such reverential tones as are reserved by Catholic
newspapers for visits of the pope. The pronouncements of Israeli
leaders are published with obbligatos of adulation -- except for a
couple of times when Prime Minister Menachem Begin went so far in
his cheerleading for Jewish influence in the U.S., and in his open
calls for the Jewish lobby to get what Israel wanted, that the ADL
feared people would realize that he was proving what the
"anti-Semites" had been saying all along.

The ADL tries to put the best appearances on everything Israel does,
while the United States is judged as good or bad depending on the
extent of its support for Israel. The same goes for other
countries: The Soviet Union was enormously popular with Zionists
until it interfered with emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel. The
Soviet Union then became a wicked and anti-Semitic country, and the
U.S. was expected to dump ice on its d�tente with the Soviets and
prune its foreign policy accordingly. And, of course, the most
glaring example of distortion of American policy for Israel's
benefit appears in the costly hostility of the United States toward
the Arab countries -- a policy totally opposed to America's true
interests and existing entirely because of Israel's long-lasting war
with its neighbors.

Israel the Only Issue

There is one and only issue as far as the ADL is concerned --
Israel. If Israel tries to sink a ship of the United States Navy
and murders 34 Americans in the process, the ADL prides itself on
covering up the facts and explaining them away, while on the other
hand anybody who ever killed an Israeli (even though his country is
at war with Israel) is a despicable terrorist and bloodthirsty
outlaw. A careful distinction is made between those who are able to
kill large numbers of civilians from airplanes (American supplied
airplanes) and those who can afford only to kill smaller numbers on

The ADL never tires of telling us, and having us told, that because
the population of the Jewish state is made up of an exceptional
people unceasingly persecuted due to some ineradicable flaw in all
non-Jews, the Israelis are exempt from the rules of human behavior
and have a special license to steal other people's real estate, to
kidnap anywhere in the world, to torture, to kill, to lie, to
falsely accuse, and to interfere at will in the politics and social
development of other countries.

To justify and further the programs and aims of Israel is the
primary mission of the ADL. The organization is, of course, at one
with the B'nai B'rith, with its large and highly manageable and
influential system of professional lodges. Especially significant
are those lodges made up of highly placed people in the advertising,
publishing, entertainment, and news fields. It works in alliance
with other groups that comprise the Israel lobby -- such as the
American Jewish Committee, whose Washington representative, Hyman
Bookbinder, boasted in a public speech of the speed with which he
had been able to assemble on the Capitol steps a display of American
congressmen and senators in support of an Israeli government demand.

Sophisticated Intimidation

As contrasted to the Jewish Defense League, which uses physical
intimidation and overt violence while literally parading the Israeli
flag within this country, the ADL deals primarily in propaganda and
moral, political, and financial intimidation. It instigates,
coordinates, places, and often writes, on behalf of Israel the
avalanche of slanted news stories, editorials, magazine articles,
television programs, cartoons, politicians' speeches, entries in the
"Congressional Record," letters, and even motion pictures and
novels, which -- particularly at the time of some Israeli crisis or
extensive Israeli demand on American leaders and taxpayers --
smothers the United States.

Once a rock has been started rolling downhill, one does not have to
keep prodding it or the others it picks up along the way: People
know what is expected of them. If they do not, they will be
"sensitized," or perhaps even tenderized. Event he standup comic
knows that to defy the party line would be professional suicide.
Toward the end of the 1960's the ADL and its cohorts accuse Poland
of "anti-Semitic" acts, (See, for example, entry by the ADL's
congressman, Joshua Eilberg, in the July 16, 1968 "Congressional
Record") and lo, within days the insulting "Polish joke" was born,
pounding home month after month the alleged stupidity of the Polish
people who up to then had been treated as heroic defenders of
freedom. In such ways American attitudes are molded to the benefit
of Israel and to the detriment of any group on Israel's hit list.

The inconvenient fact that what helps Israel usually hurts the
United States is handled by the ADL and similar organizations by the
technique, proof of the intent of which is available in numerous
publicly distributed recordings of their meetings, of trying to make
Israeli interests appear identical to the interests of the United
States and attractive to the American people. "We are a minority
too small to have our desired effect without the help of many
others," goes the reasoning. "we must therefore make other people
identify our interests with theirs, and we must create the illusion
that what is good for us is good for America." By such sleight of
hand, the tiger is led by the monkey, and a great and powerful
nation is made to sacrifice its own welfare for the sake which has
nothing to offer in return except the probability of involvement in
nuclear war.

Foreign Agents Registration Act

The Foreign Agents Registration Act, Title 22 U.S. Code �611 et
seq., provides criminal penalties for failure of propagandists and
others active in this country on behalf of foreigners to file highly
detailed registration statements with the Attorney General, to file
copies of all political propaganda (however disguised or
sugar-coated), and to label all such propaganda conspicuously, and
to keep and reveal records of their activities.

"Political propaganda" is defined by the act to include any
"communication or expression by any person... which is reasonably
adapted to, or which the person disseminating the same believes
will, or which he intends to, prevail upon, indoctrinate, induce, or
in any other way influence a recipient or any section of the public
within the United States with reference to the political or public
interests, policies, or relations of a government of a foreign
country or a foreign political party or with reference to the
foreign policies of the United States..." �611(j).

The same rules apply to "political activities" which in any way
"influence any agency or official of the public within the United
States with reference to formulating, adopting, or changing the
domestic or foreign policies of the United States or with reference
to the political or public interests, policies, or relations of a
government of a foreign country or a foreign political party"
�611 (o).

The Foreign Agents Registration Act is designed to include anyone
"who directly or through any other person" carries on such
activities and who acts as an agent, representative or "in any other
capacity" at the order, request, or under the direction or control,
or under the direct or indirect supervision, direction, control, or
subsidization of a foreign principal �611(b).

'There is absolutely no doubt that the ADL is operating in criminal
violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act; that its foreign
principals include the government of Israel and its subdivisions,
numerous Israeli Zionist groups such as the World Zionist
Organization and the Jewish Agency and their fundraising branches
within the United States; and that the ADL works in complicity with
large numbers of equally guilty parties in the American
communication media and the political arena.'

It is the job of the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce the
Foreign Agents Registration Act, (*) but while the department has
exerted itself ordering American Protestant ministers to register as
foreign agents because they arranged preaching and a few other
public appearances for some clergymen of the Christian League of
Southern Africa, ('Washington Weekly', Oct. 5, 1978) it has been
curiously paralyzed when it comes to pursuing the ADL and its huge
network of coordinated Israeli agents.

(*) [Title 50, �851-858 contains additional provisions for
registration of foreign agents with the Attorney General. These
sections are applicable to "every person who has knowledge of"
espionage, tactics or terrorism of "a government of a foreign
country..." it stretches the imagination to assume that ADL officers
are not fully aware of the activities of the terrorist organization
known as the Jewish Defense League, an open agent of Israel which
provocatively flies the Israeli flag during its demonstrations
against "enemies of Israel." No one can miss the perfect
orchestration of ADL and JDL activities. It is commonly believed
that both agencies are manipulated by the efficient Israeli
espionage and terrorist are, the Mossad.]

Easy To Document

Documentation of the ADL's actions as an agent of Israel is neither
rare nor difficult to come by. Indeed, it is almost impossible to
encompass its scope in a paper of this length. The examples that
follow are a fair selection from among thousands.

First, there is no question that Israel, which could never have
existed financially, militarily, or otherwise without the constant
support of the United States, wishes to exert all possible influence
on this country and to draw all possible sustenance from it, while
preventing any aid or support by the United States going to
countries on Israel's enemies list, and in particular to the Arab
countries from which Israel hacked out its territory. The World
Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency are specifically designed
to be the Israeli government's overseas arms. Even though purposely
not made branches of the government, the status, function, and
authority of the WZO and the Jewish Agency are set forth in Israeli
law. Among their goals are to organize Jewish communities outside
Israel to serve Zionist purposes, to spread propaganda, to see that
money is collected (almost always to tax-exempt "charitable"
organizations) and channeled to Israel, to encourage immigration
into Israel, and to influence various governments to formulate
foreign policy to pass laws which favor Israel.

Most of the Israeli aims in the United States are spearheaded by the
ADL, with other Zionist-oriented groups such as the American Jewish
Committee playing important roles. The WZO and the Jewish Agency
keep a low profile, while the ADL poses as an American organization
serving American Jewish aims, though in reality honing its
activities to serve Israel on every point.

When Arab countries organized a boycott of Israel, the ADL openly
led the fight to have anti-boycott legislation passed in the U.S.,
took measures to see that American businesses were trading with
Israel under the anti-boycott laws, and even acted on Israel's
behalf as regarded Japan's cooperation with the Arab boycott.

"The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization, has long been
bothered by the Japanese reaction to the boycott. For years, the
organization has been trying on its own to persuade the Japanese to
change their policy. Now, evidently wearying of these efforts,
Anti-Defamation League officials are seeking the aid of American
corporations." -- The Wall Street Journal, May 13, 1968

On March 4, 1975, the New York Times reported that: "The
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith has written to President Ford
reporting what it calls a concerted campaign among shipping
companies, aided and abetted by American commercial banks unlawfully
to comply with the Arab boycott regulations against the state of

Since 1966, the ADL has produced a radio program called "Dateline
Israel," some 26 new programs each year, broadcast over hundreds of
stations, which consists entirely of Israeli propaganda. Prominent
in the origins and production of "Dateline Israel" was ADL general
counsel Arnold Forster, who was reported in the May, 1974 "ADL
Bulletin" to have been to Israel more than 50 times.

Forster Writes Letters

Forster, among his other achievements on behalf of a foreign state,
wrote seemingly innumerable letters (always published, of course) to
the editors of major newspapers on subjects having exclusively to do
with Israel and the protection or furtherance of Israeli interest.
Every public criticism of Israel was met with a thundering defense.
Every Israeli policy was dolled up as a glamorous boon to American
interests. every hint of cooperation with Arab countries by the
U.S. was depicted as a dark collaboration with the forces of evil.

In 1973 the ADL took out full-page newspaper advertisements whose
message was that Arab oil-producing countries were greedy and that
any change in the Mideast policy of the United States that might
please the Arabs would not improve the American oil situation. The
ads were designed to influence public opinion to ignore the obvious
-- that the oil cut-off by the Arabs had been a direct response to
the United States mindlessly and illogically supporting Israel in an
aggressive war against Arab countries.

"Maariv," published in Tel Aviv, Israel, reported (Jan 14, 1969)
that the ADL in the United States had made a study of Arab
"propaganda" against Israel, and had concluded that the center of
export of such propaganda to America was Beirut, Lebanon. Arnold
Forster was in charge of the ADL study.

"Mr. Foster [sic], who is now in Israel as one of the
representatives of the Jewish organizations to the conference called
by the prime minister, said that the Arabs have discovered the best
way to lie is from a distance."

For the ADL, there is obviously one overriding issue -- Israel --
and old allies who don't agree become 'persona non grata'. ADL
Chairman Kenneth Bialkin, in a New York "Times" item (Aug. 19,
1979), said that "some black leaders have become persuaded by new
left propaganda and have taken up with the worst of pro-Arab,
anti-Israeli elements." Bailkin called such blacks "troublemakers."