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Bigoted Extremists

A couple of years earlier, when black American workers wanted to
comply with the Arab boycott of Israel, the ADL said that a
coalition, including blacks who said they would be the first to lose
their jobs if Arabs withdrew their business, involved "bigoted
extremists" linked to "anti-Semitism" -- a good example of
name-calling when logic would lose the day.

When the executive committee of the B'nai B'rith International
Council met in 1960, the president concluded: "Positive action by
the Jewish communities should be taken to combat Arab League
propaganda," and " a program of counter -- action to deal with the
Arab League should be considered." ("Summary-Minutes, B'nai B'rith
International Council, Executive Committee Meeting January 26-27,
1960, Amsterdam, Netherlands.")

The B'nai B'rith, swearing that it is strictly a religious,
charitable, and welfare organization, has taken an active role in
getting funds from Germany as compensation or reparation to Jews who
claimed to have been unjustly damaged by Hitler's government. A
revealing insight into the procedure is offered by a B'nai B'rith
"Memorandum to Members of the Board of Governors from Maurice
Bisguer" (Feb. 17, 1960): "In accordance with the claims agreement
resulting from West German B'nai B'rith negotiations, the
predominant amount of funds is to be reserved for Israel."

A typical issue of the "ADL Bulletin" would appear to have been
conceived and composed in an Israeli information office. The June,
1980 issue, for example, which happens to contain an uncomplimentary
article about Liberty Lobby, begins with an article by former
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (who is pictured receiving an
award form the ADL) entitled "The Middle East." With subheads such
as "No Negotiations with PLO," it contains nothing even remotely
displeasing to Israel, and lest we miss its real point, the
following words are emphasized by being printed in a shaded
rectangle: "While in office and after, I never believed and I do not
believe now that the solution to the West Bank problem can be the
creation of a Palestinian state."

Oil Is Menace

Inside the front cover of the same issue is a comment by ADL
national director, Nathan Perlmutter. Leading off with the news
that anti-Semitism, "as we have customarily measured it," has been
declining, he says that the greatest danger "to us" is oil because
nations which want oil from the Arabs are snuggling up to the PLO,
and, "in the hapless balance is Israel."

There follows a long, illustrated article on a trip to Israel by M.
S. Forbes, editor-in-chief of "Forbes" business magazine, a trip
which had been suggested and arranged by the ADL.

"He went at the suggestion of Maxwell E. Greenberg, the
Anti-Defamation League's national chairman, and Abraham H. Foxman,
its associate national director, following a dispute between the ADL
and "Forbes" editors over rejection of a league ad on peace in the
Middle East which had been submitted for the "Forbes" annual Arabic
Middle East edition. ADL felt the ad had been rejected because the
magazine feared offending the Arabs..."

So the ADL officers, suggesting "that a Forbes trip to Israel was
long overdue," met Mr. Forbes in that Middles Eastern nation,
introduced him to the right people in government, the military, and
business, and showed him the country. Mr. Forbes, of course, loved
Israel and the Israeli leaders, on whom he bestowed such accolades
as "sharp, incisive," "perceptive, candid, with good judgments,"
"able, impressive" and "Oh, fabulous." Mr. Forbes likened America
to Israel and had nasty things to say about the PLO.

The next article in the June 1980 "ADL Bulletin" was entitled
"PLO/Khomeini Connection." It dealt with the cordial relations
between the PLO and the ever-unpopular ayatollah, and concluded that
both "share the goal of destroying Israel," and that "to give them
power is to whet their appetites, increasing their lust for
destruction." (Shades of Adolf.)

Vanessa Redgrave's Trouble

The actress Vanessa Redrave narrated a film called "The
Palestinian," which, although few who criticized it has actually
seen it, outraged the ADL because it was reportedly anti-Israel and
contained an interview with the head of the PLO. There were
vigorous efforts to prevent the documentary from being seen in the
U.S., and to ruin Vanessa Redgrave's acting career. Arnold Forster
said on behalf of the ADL that to advocate the overthrow of Israel
was "the ultimate anti-Semitism." Miss Redgrave commented:

"The American public cherishes its right to information and to form
its own opinions. It should not be abrogated into the hands of a
minority of fanatical Zionists who want to destroy the Palestine
Liberation Organizations and lie about its aims." -- Los Angeles
Times, January 18, 1978

In a pitch letter to ADL supporters on November 10, 1975, Dore
Schary listed as examples of the ADL's good work: Suing the U.S. to
thwart the Arab boycott of Israel, exposing the collusion of other
groups with the Arab boycott of Israel, and persuading the Gulf Oil
Company to repudiate and publicly declare that it will never again
repeat a contribution to "the Arab propaganda campaign" against
Israel. Next on the agenda: "The recent vote in the United Nations
attacking Zionism as 'racism'..."

When President Jimmy Carter compared the Palestinian movement (to
return to the farms and homes that had been taken by Israel) to the
U.S. civil rights cause, spokesmen for the ADL called the comparison
"insulting," and "frightening." Arnold Forster exercised his gift
for meaningless semantic smokescreening by calling the PLO "False
revolutionaries" and "murderers" (Washington "Post," Aug. 3. 1979).

On January 9, 1981, the ADL's headquarters publicly distributed,
under the label, "News," a report called "World-Views and Middle
East Policy," by Kenneth Jacobsen, which compared the probable
Middle East policy of the incoming Reagan administration. The
entire discussion centers on the relative benefits to Israel which
would result from the different policies. Carter, the report said,
had seen Third-World nations (read Arabs) as essentially neutral,
and to be won over through "friendly" approaches, which meant that
the "U.S. would downplay Israel as a strategic interest, would see
the Palestinian issue as the central problem in the Middle East, and
would make periodic overtures to the PLO." (Not good.) Reagan, on
the other hand, would bring with him those who would see both the
Soviet threat and an Arab oil threat. (Good.) By convoluted and
illogical arguments, Jacobsen comes to the conclusion that the U.S.
has shown "unnecessary obsequiousness to the Arab world," and that
the best way for America to meet the oil problem is to join more
closely with Israel in its hostility to the Arab nations.

'With this new approach, there will be no hesitancy to support
Israel as clearly America's most reliable ally and to identify
Israel as a strategic asset to the U.S.'

Many more examples could be cited to prove that the ADL, day after
day, year after year, works within the United States as an agent in
the service of a foreign nation. Not only are such political
activities a violation of the Foreign Agents' Registration Act, but
also disqualify the ADL from its tax-exempt status.


A suffocating atmosphere of threat, extortion, blackmail, character
assassination, and falsehood hangs over the activities of the ADL.
It is an atmosphere deliberately poisonous of freedom hangs over the
activities of the ADL. It is an atmosphere deliberately poisonous
of freedom of speech and thought, designedly stifling of the open
exchange of ideas, and contrary to the provisions of the
Constitution and to the most important considerations that motivated
the American revolutionaries to create a new and independent nation
in the first place.

The ADL is alien in concept and subversive in operation. It is
unethical, un-American and illegal. It operates as a thought
police, smearbund, and intimidation mafia using traditional American
institutions and gullible citizens to further the foreign policy
aims of a foreign nation and the political power of political
Zionism and individual Zionists. Its "chutzpah" cannot be excused,
nor can the actions or inaction of Americans who know of its
outrages but, because of fear, fail to fight them. Nothing can be
more important today than to expose and contain this evil force.
Nothing less than the safety of all Americans is at stake today as
irresponsible Zionists play Russian roulette with a world nuclear

[This white paper was distributed to every member of the House of
Representatives and the Senate of the United States on June 1, 1981
in booklet form. Since then it has been sent hundreds of thousands
of Liberty Lobby members and supporters. Demand has grown so fast
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SPOTLIGHT. Extra copies of either the booklet edition or the
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